Car Club

BMW Car Club GB

About the club

The BMW car club was founded in 1952, and with time has grown to be the biggest BMW club in Europe. Being a big club doesn’t mean it loses its personal touch, as the club has twenty-three geographical regions each with individual committees to help with the organisation of events and needs of their members in the area.

Our involvement

A happy accident when a few of the committee members realised they were all insuring their BMWs with us, so what better recommendation is there than that? With 30 years of experience in the car insurance market, we’ve gradually developed a range of high quality policies perfect for the classic and performance BMW owner.

Benefits of joining

Membership lasts for a full 12 months, so if you join half way through the year you’re not paying full price for 6 months of membership. Other benefits include:

  • Discounted insurance from ourselves
  • Straight Six: The monthly club magazine
  • Attend BMWCC track days and events
  • Discounted trips to shows and motorsport events
  • Discounted parts, servicing and related BMW products







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