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We’re calling on individuals and businesses to join our ‘Save Our Classics’ campaign

We believe that the following initiatives will help preserve endangered British cars:

  • Reduce the current UK road tax exemption from 40 years to 30, thereby reducing running costs and encouraging ownership of classic cars.
  • Increase the current UK MoT exemption on vehicles made before 1960 to 1970, thereby reducing running costs, encouraging ownerships and keeping more classic cars on the road.
  • Petition the Government to encourage schools and colleges to promote the IMI Diploma in Classic Vehicle Restoration. Out of the 22,000 people earning some or all of their living from the classic car industry 43% are 45 years old or more meaning that a large number of the workforce will be retiring or coming up for retirement in the next 20 years.
  • Encourage the classic car industry to create and promote a branded ‘network’ of classic car specialist garages.
  • Work with the insurance industry to develop more flexible insurance policies and more affordable insurance for classic car owners under 25.

Show your support for our campaign and join our community of rare car spotters by uploading the cars you find to our Facebook or Instagram page.