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About the club

There are already long established clubs in place that cater for specific models of Reliant cars like the Reliant Sabre and Scimitar Owners Club, but there wasn’t a club that was all-encompassing of everything Reliant manufactured. This was realised by a couple of Reliant enthusiasts, so in early 2016 they created one: the Reliant Motor Club. A Reliant club for all of the remaining Sabres, Scimitars, Kittens, Robins, Rialtos and everything in between.

Although a relatively new club it approaches things in a modern way, like digitising their vast collection of Reliant documentation and making it available online to all members.

Benefits of joining

Membership lasts for a full year. The benefits of being a member include:

  • Discounted classic car insurance through ourselves
  • Access to over a hundred Reliant brochures
  • Access to the Reliant Review archive (95 editions)
  • Access to view over 20 Reliant Owner’s Handbooks
  • Access to view full size aerial photos
  • Access to the websites member sections
  • Reliant Review Magazine (Online copy)
  • Assistance with DVLA
  • Various other discounts at associated companies