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The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic means that a lot of key-workers will be working around the clock and unable to contact us during our regular office hours.

We wanted to raise awareness of the ability to renew your policy online. Once you have received your renewal invite, then you’re all set to renew online.

What do I need to renew online?

All you need are the following bits of information:

  • Policyholder’s Name – Hopefully you’ll remember this one;
  • Policy Number – listed on the statement of fact and is usually located in the top-right corner;
  • Policyholder’s Postcode – the postcode of the address where the policyholder resides (not the postcode of where the vehicle is kept)
  • Insured Vehicle’s Registration – the registration number of the vehicle due for renewal.
  • Renewal Date – found on the invite letter, or alternatively this can also be found on the statement of fact; and finally
  • Premium – also found on the invite letter. Please double-check this as it is the amount that you will be completing payment for and any underpayment can hold up the process of your renewal.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We currently accept most major debit and credit cards, however we currently can’t accept payment by American Express.

Where can I find the online payment portal?

If you received your invite via email then you may have had a link already sent to you. Fear not if you can’t find it, as you can access the payments page here.

Proceed to Payments Page