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Has spring got you pondering where your next road trip will take you? If so, our resident road tripper has an announcement which may well be of interest…

What’s the ideal number of classic cars to have in the garage? Every enthusiast knows the answer to this one; it’s one more than you currently have, of course. Because it’s a fact that you can never have enough cool cars.

Over the past few years, I’ve been applying the same logic to the European driving tours which I organise through Pub2Pub Adventures. The optimum number of European road trips per year? It’s one more than you currently have planned, of course. And so recently, I’ve been giving some thought to adding another tour into the calendar this September. Something which is a bit different to what’s gone before it, and something which is right up ClassicLine Insurance’s street.

Allow me to explain…

So far in 2024, I’ve completed two road trips – one across South America in a classic Mini, and more recently, a drive back from Germany to the UK in an early Renault Twingo. These drives have reminded me that you don’t need a fancy sports car to make a road trip fun; there’s a simple pleasure and satisfaction to be found in cruising around the place in any classic car. And this got me thinking about the European tours currently offered by Pub2Pub, which are currently all continent-crossing ‘grand tours’, aimed at sports cars and grand tourers – surely there’s space to add a more classic-orientated event into the calendar?

Of course there is, and that’s the thinking behind Pub2Pub’s all new event for 2024 – the Brittany Steers.

The plan for this trip is simple. A week-long, slower paced exploration of the Brittany peninsula, with shorter driving days which allow time to immerse yourself in the Frenchness of this part of the world – to stop off in that cute little village, drop by that charming boulangerie, take a walk on that windswept headland.

With an average mileage of 100 miles per day, the Brittany Steers is designed around our ClassicLine-sponsored Mini, and this means it’s an ideal trip for any classic car, or for any classic owners who have always liked the idea of coming along on a Pub2Pub tour, but have been put off by the amount of driving involved. So, if you have a Citroen 2CV, Austin Maestro, pre-80s TVR, classic Fiat Panda, Rover P6, Triumph Spitfire, VW Squareback or anything else along those lines, this trip’s for you.

The Brittany Steers will be taking place between the 31st August and 07th September, and although still in the planning stages, you can find out more information, and pencil yourself in for a place, here.

And if a place on our more traditional trips is more your style, then worry not – there are still places available on this September’s Eagle Rally and Chateau Pub2Pub trips if you’re interested – more details over on the Planet Pub2Pub website.