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Why choose us for VW Camper insurance?

Whatever your type of VW Camper, we’ve got the cover that will allow you to enjoy your van to the max. Whether you have a concours condition Split Screen Kombi, a Type 2 Bay window or a Westfalia, why not try ClassicLine for our competitive VW camper insurance scheme.

If you’ll be travelling further afield than the UK in your camper van, you’ll be happy to know that your insurance cover can be extended into Europe for up to 90 days. Hopefully it doesn’t happen breakdown won’t be a worry either as a standard inclusion on our policies is UK & EU roadside assistance cover.

With campers we realise that there’s a lot of individuality on display. Many are non-standard as they have been subject to customisation, conversions and refits. This rules out a lot of standard insurance companies as they dislike modified vehicles. Luckily we deal with modified vehicles on a daily basis and have a more relaxed approach to them.

With our expert knowledge of VW campers we have designed our policies to suit you with a range of features that will help you get the most out of your Volkswagen campervan.

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Policy Benefits
  • Salvage Rights
  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • UK & EU Breakdown
  • Motor Legal Cover
  • EU Cover (Up to 90 days)
  • Car Club Discount
Policy Options
  • Laid Up/SORN Cover
  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Multi Vehicle Policies

Featured Benefits

EU Cover

If after travelling around the UK your inner explorer is still left wanting more, then you’ll be happy to know that your insurance cover extends into the EU for 90 days.

UK & EU Breakdown Cover

Having insurance cover in the EU is one thing, but what happens if you have a breakdown? Not to worry, as this policy includes EU breakdown cover as well as the UK. So the only thing you have to worry about is where you’ll park up for the night.

Salvage Rights

Your right to retain salvage of the vehicle should the worst happen.

Agreed Value Cover

An agreed value is essential for understanding how much your camper is worth in the event of it being deemed a total loss. You can get an independent valuation from either a club or independent specialist, or we have an in-house service available.

Multi Vehicle Policies

We must admit we’re quite talented at insuring VW Campers, but our talents don’t end there, why not let us quote for your other cars too? With each vehicle brought to us you gain an additional discount.

Laid Up/SORN Cover

The protection you need whilst your camper is in storage or undergoing repair or restoration.