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About the club

The Figaro Owners Club is solely dedicated to the little Japanese car that has seen a sudden rise in popularity over the past few years. First started in March 2009, the club attracted almost 500 members in the first year alone. Since then the club has grown with the popularity of the Figaro, and is easily the best Figaro community for people, technical information and events.

Our involvement

Our Figaro scheme in collaboration with the Figaro Owners club was launched in October 2009. After more than a decade together we are still the official insurance partner of the Figaro Owners Club and we hold more Figaro business than any other broker in the UK.

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Benefits of joining

Membership lasts for a full 12 months, so if you join half way through the year you’re not paying full price for 6 months of membership. Other benefits include:

  • Save 15% on our Figaro insurance scheme
  • Figgy World: The online quarterly club magazine
  • Attend Figaro Events and rallies
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Discounts on other Figaro related products and services
  • Access to the FOC online forums



Nissan Figaro