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We treat fraud extremely seriously.

If you suspect fraud then please contact our office.  All calls will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Insurers have a zero tolerance to claims fraud because it can negatively affect innocent policyholders in two ways:

  • The Association of British Insurers believes that it adds £50 to the cost of motor insurance premiums.
  • Criminals may seek to manoeuvre innocent motorists into induced accidents in order to benefit from claims.

It is important that all covers are based on the correct information.

Providing incorrect or false details, or failing to disclose information when requested, could render your insurance policy as ‘null and void’ or cancelled.

To ensure we sell the correct cover, the following are details which may be checked by us or the insurers:

  • your claims history;
  • your identity;
  • your address and any garaging details you have provided;
  • the validity of any debit or credit card used to purchase your policy – to ensure that stolen and cloned cards are not used;
  • your No Claims Bonus entitlement;
  • the ownership of your vehicle;
  • any motoring convictions you have;
  • that approved security devices are fitted – where required under our policy terms; and
  • whether you or any named drivers have had previous insurance cancelled or declared void for fraud reasons.

To help prevent fraud, we work with insurers and the following organisations:

Insurance Fraud Bureau – the IFB are a ‘not for profit’ organisation focused on detecting and preventing organised insurance fraud.
Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department – the IFED are a dedicated team at City of London Police, targeting the investigation of insurance fraud at all levels and from all sectors.