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Why choose us for custom car insurance?

Custom car insurance is our bread and butter, we’re not afraid of customisation; whether you’re putting on some alloy wheels or bringing a big bespoke project to life. Over the past few decades we’ve seen it all, there’s not much on the custom front that could shock us. It was in 1995 when we became the official insurer for the NSRA (National Street Rod Association), one of the biggest organisations of it’s kind in the UK, that we became one of the market leaders in the field.

All hot rods and street rods are insured on our specific specialist scheme, but for everything else that doesn’t quite fit into the ‘Rod category, we have this scheme.

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Policy Benefits
  • Salvage Rights
  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • UK & EU Breakdown
  • Motor Legal Cover
  • EU Cover (Up to 90 days)
  • Car Club Discount
  • Track Day Cover
  • Parts Cover
Policy Options
  • Laid Up/SORN Cover
  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Multi Vehicle Policies

Featured Benefits

UK & EU Breakdown Cover

You can breakdown at in the UK or EU and you'll have roadside and assistance cover in place.

Agreed Value Cover

You can get an agreed value on your policy by either using our in-house service or getting a valuation from an independent specialist or club. An agreed value is especially important with custom vehicles as it gives you a clear idea of what the payout will be in a total loss scenario.

Parts Cover

If you’re doing maintenance, restoration etc. Your parts will be covered as long as they’re in the same garage.

Laid Up/SORN Cover

Protecting your custom car when it's in the midst of a build, or if it's in storage. Cover is available as long as it's not being driven on the road.

Salvage Rights

Custom car owners are normally the more passionate enthusiasts and as such have more attachment to their vehicle than the average person. With most write-off claim scenarios it would play out in the following way: accident happens, insurer writes-off car, client receives cheque and buys a new car. That's great for most people, but what if you don't want a new car? Salvage retention rights allow you to purchase the car, or parts back from the insurer.

Multi Vehicle Policies

Have another custom car, a classic or even an everyday car? We can insure your collection no matter how big or small on a multi car policy. A multi car policy saves you two things; time and money.