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What is classic car insurance?

Simply speaking classic car insurance is insurance for classic cars. Most classic cars can be covered by a general private car insurance policy. However, it’s normally beneficial to insure them with a more specialised product. Firstly, these insurance companies are used to dealing with classic cars. Secondly, these policies offer bespoke cover – whether this is limited mileage, an agreed valuation, or your rights to salvage. Finally, despite the increased cover, they are often cheaper than their private car counterparts.

What is a classic car?

Often a classic car is defined as an older vehicle. For example, for Historic Vehicle Tax exemption purposes, they are defined as being manufactured before 1981. Whereas we felt that a limiting definition. It’s not solely about the age of a vehicle – but the prestige, scarcity and collectibility. Consequently, we created modern and future classic policies to expand our classic car insurance cover to newer vehicles. Creating an all-encompassing classic car category.

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Examples of Classic cars

MG B, Austin Healey 3000, Morris Minor, AC Ace, Morgan Plus 4, BMW 507, Lancia Delta, Triumph GT6, Maserati 3500GT, Fiat 8V, Volkswagen Karmann Ghia, Aston Martin DB5, Mini and many, many more!

Why insure with us?

The clue’s in the name, it’s in our DNA. Since 1985 we have been specialists in classic car insurance. Ensuring all iconic, antique, collectible, and prestige vehicles of the past are insured for the future. Over decades we have built our panel of trusted insurers and created numerous custom schemes. However, bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. We try to incorporate all the needs of our clients whilst still keeping our premiums low and competitive.

Policy Benefits
  • Salvage Rights
  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • UK & EU Breakdown
  • Motor Legal Cover
  • EU Cover (Up to 90 days)
  • Car Club Discount
Policy Options
  • Laid Up/SORN Cover
  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Multi Vehicle Policies
  • Unlimited Mileage Option

Featured Benefits

UK & EU Breakdown Cover

All our classic car insurance policies include breakdown cover which provides roadside assistance in the UK and EU.

Agreed Value Cover

One of the biggest differences between a standard private car policy and a classic car insurance policy is the ability to have an agreed value. An agreed value takes the guesswork away from the payout of a total loss claim. First you need a valuation, you can either get one from our in-house service or from an independent specialist or club. All you have to do is send it in with photos of your vehicle and assuming all is above board we’ll agree the value and send you an agreed value certificate.

Salvage Rights

Gives the right to retain salvage of the vehicle should the worst happen.

Multi Vehicle Policies

Have an everyday car or a collection of classics? Let us quote for those too, saving time and money.

Car Club Discount

Members of classic car clubs can get a discount on their premium.

Laid Up/SORN Cover

Perfect protection whilst your car is in storage or undergoing repair or restoration.