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Why choose us for laid up insurance?

If your classic car has been SORN and is in storage or mid way through a restoration project we still have an insurance policy that can protect your pride and joy in the event of accidental damage, or fire and theft.

This invaluable cover will protect your vehicle, its spare parts and it’s accessories whilst they are kept in a locked garage or building. In some circumstances we can cover vehicles that are kept laid up on your driveway.

We can also consider an agreed value option on Laid Up policies.

So, whether it’s a tin of paint falling from a shelf onto the body work or a family of mice making their home in your leather upholstery, a laid up insurance policy will offer you peace of mind should the unexpected happen.

SORN explained

Your vehicle always has to have insurance unless a ‘Statutory Off Road Notice’ has been made. Having made this notification you’re at no obligation to have your vehicle insured however your vehicle must be kept off the public road.

You may find additional information in our Why do I need laid up insurance cover? article.

Policy Benefits
  • Parts Cover
Policy Options
  • Agreed Value Cover

Featured Benefits

Parts Cover

If you’re doing maintenance, restoration etc. Your parts will be covered as long as they’re in the same garage.

Agreed Value Cover

The value of a car can also be agreed whilst the car is on a laid up policy. The same valuation process applies; get a valuation either by an independent specialist or via our in-house service. If the car is in restoration then the agreed value would need to reflect the value of the car in its current state, not what it will be worth once restoration's complete.