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About the club

The ‘STAR’ (Sunbeam Talbot Alpine Register) is a club for the Talbot, Sunbeam Talbot and Sunbeam cars manufactured by the Rootes Group between 1936 and 1957. The club was first established in 1969, with the encouragement of use, restoration and preservation of these vehicles for years to come.

Our involvement

The club is dedicated to these true classics and that’s always been our specialty. From January 2016 we have been the official provider of the STAR insurance scheme.

Benefits of joining

Membership lasts for a full 12 months, so if you join half way through the year you’re not paying full price for 6 months of membership. Other benefits include:

  • Access to our club insurance scheme
  • STARDUST: The bi-monthly club magazine
  • Attend regional and national STAR events, ranging from social to competitive.
  • Access to remanufactured spare parts that are originals are no longer in production.



Sunbeam, Talbot & Sunbeam Talbot