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What choose us for BMW car insurance?

Since our beginnings we’ve been a specialist in providing BMW insurance for classic and high performance BMWs. We are currently one of the most flexible specialist brokers when it comes to insuring this marque due to being able to insure anything from a 1930s 328 to a brand new M3.

We provide discounts for members of notable BMW car clubs.

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Policy Benefits
  • Salvage Rights
  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • UK & EU Breakdown
  • Motor Legal Cover
  • EU Cover (Up to 90 days)
  • Car Club Discount
  • Track Day Cover
Policy Options
  • Laid Up/SORN Cover
  • Agreed Value Cover
  • Multi Vehicle Policies

Featured Benefits

UK & EU Breakdown Cover

If your motoring in Munich comes to a halt, or your journey doesn't even get off to a start: our breakdown cover will sort you out. It includes roadside assistance cover not only in the UK, but in the EU too.

Agreed Value Cover

An agreed value can be put on your BMW as long as it is over five years old and a valuation is provided. Valuations can be carried out by either our in-house team, car club or other independent specialist. No guesswork involved.

Car Club Discount

A discount is available if you are a member of a notable BMW car club.

Laid Up/SORN Cover

If you have a BMW in long-term restoration or storage and still want that financial safety net that insurance provides. A road use policy isn't optimal as your paying the added premium for the increased risk of it being driven on the road. This is where laid up cover shines, providing cover for the true insurance risk your BMW poses whilst off of the road.

Track Day Cover

Including Hill Climbs, Sprints and much more.

Multi Vehicle Policies

Are you the owner of a second car? If you have more classics or just an everyday vehicle that we can quote for we'll keep your current business in mind and create a multi car policy. Each additional vehicle brought to us will get a discounted premium, as well as saving you time by having your insurances all in the same place.