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What does my policy cover?

All of our policy wordings are kept in the Documentation section of the website located in the ‘Resources’ section of the main menu. If the document you’re looking for is not there then please contact the office and we’ll be happy to help.

Some of the details on my Statement of Fact are incorrect.

We do try our best to take down details accurately but if there are any inaccuracies on the document please contact us at the office to get them amended.

Any box that is ‘greyed’ out has no corresponding field on our systems (e.g. “No of Dependants under 18 yrs”) so we can not alter that field, rest assured they have no bearing on the insurance.

Do you insure under 21s?

We have the facility to insure under 21s but there are a few criteria which they have to meet:

  • Held a full UK licence for at least 12 months.
  • The vehicle has to be a second car.
  • The vehicle has to have been manufactured pre 1980.
  • The maximum mileage we can offer is 3000 miles per annum.

Is my car a classic?

Do I qualify for classic car insurance?

If you’re unsure as to whether you or your vehicle fits on a classic car scheme, the best thing to do is ask us; one of our members of staff will be more than happy to assist you.

My car is over XX years old can it be insured as a classic?

We don’t operate on the assumption that cars over 10/15/20 years old are all classic cars. As our specialist policies aren’t wholly dependant on a vehicles age reaching a certain threshold in order to be classified as a classic. We take other things into consideration: the make, model, scarcity and collectability of the cars that we insure.

Does my car need to be worth over £X,XXX to be insured as a classic?

The eligibility for our classic policies isn’t dependant on value. There are a lot of classic cars that are relatively inexpensive to purchase and fall perfectly within our schemes.

Can you send me the list of what you insure as a classic?

Unfortunately not. If you’re unsure as to whether your vehicle fits on a classic car scheme, the best thing to do is ask us; one of our members of staff will be more than happy to assist you.

Agreed valuations

What is the maximum value that you can agree without an independent valuation?

The maximum value that we can agree is £100,000. Any car above this would need an independent valuation to support it.

I can't find the valuation form?

The online valuation form is located in the Agreed Valuation section of the website located in the ‘Resources’ section of the main menu.

On the interactive valuation form the send button isn't working

The valuation form is an enhanced Adobe PDF, so some of the features may not work when viewed in non-Adobe products. The button simply attaches the filled form to an email. If you are experiencing issues you could try “Adobe Reader”, a free PDF viewer that most computers use as standard to view PDFs. Or alternatively you can save the filled in form to your computer and manually attach it to an email.

Roadside Assistance

Who organises the breakdown and recovery?

Depending on when the policy was taken out our roadside assistance services are organised by one of two companies. They both operate in a similar way to Green Flag; using a vast network of local garages to recover vehicles.

The service is organised by ALPS.

What does the breakdown policy cover?

For full details of the breakdown service please refer to the section ClassicLine Rescue.

What number do I call in the event of a breakdown?

There should be a separate document sent along with the Certificate of Motor Insurance that details the level of cover the relevant numbers to call. For your convenience we have listed all important numbers on the contact us section.

What countries are covered in the European breakdown?

The countries covered by the EU breakdown cover are as follows: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovak Republic, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

Track Days

Does my policy include rallies/track days?

Track days are dependant on the company you are with. If you wish to participate in track days during the policy year then it is better to say before taking out cover so we can make sure you’re with the most suitable company. To see if your company covers track days it’s best to contact us at the office to discuss your policy.

What track days are covered?

First of all make sure your policy includes track days (see above). Professionally ran UK track days where the organiser is a member of the ATDO can be covered and may attract an additional charge. EU track days should also be professionally ran by ATDO members, however these are usually chargeable depending on the event. Track day participation must be notified at least a day beforehand so a letter can be issued confirming the extension in cover. Track day cover is only issued for non-competitive and/or non-timed events.

What would the excess be whilst on track?

Track day excess is 10% of the vehicle value plus the standard policy excess, subject to a minimum excess of £1000.

Online Quote System

I can't find my vehicle on the drop-down list?

Our list comprises of over 50,000 vehicles, but unfortunately is not a fully comprehensive list. This however doesn’t mean that we are unable to quote for it. If you contact us at the office we have the facility in house to manually input any vehicle that’s not on a list.

It's not responding/won't let me go any further.

Occasionally these things do happen, it might be an issue with our server or a lookup service issue (Royal Mail, DVLA) or perhaps something else that is out of our control. You could try to submit the quotation again after a few minutes or just provide us your details by giving the office a call.

No Claims Bonus

You didn't ask for my no claims bonus?

As a predominantly classic car insurer the majority of our schemes don’t require bonus as it is not a rateable factor. If we have quoted you on a scheme where No Claims Bonus is taken into consideration, we will ask for evidence of this upon taking out the cover.

Can I store my no claims bonus?

Yes. Although not usually rated on no claims bonus, you can still store your bonus with us. Bonus normally expires if it hasn’t been stored on a policy for 2 years, so in order to keep it valid it’s essential that you store it on the policy. To confirm entitlement all we would require is proof from your last insurer.

I have bonus but on my documentation it reads 'Number of years no claims bonus entitlement - 0'

If you have confirmed that you have bonus, but have yet to evidence this, then it will show on the documentation as having no bonus until that point.