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As the evenings draw in and our attentions turn to the season’s festivities, it’s often a time when many will make a start on a project in the garage, or, SORN their car off the road for some much-needed maintenance after a busy summer season of driving. But, this can often be when your car is most vulnerable.

Although it is not currently a legal requirement to have insurance on a vehicle declared as SORN, it is sensible to do so. Whatever your reason for keeping your vehicle off the road, be it for maintenance, restoration or rebuild, or simply to keep it away from the salt on the roads, it is advisable to insure your vehicle under a laid-up policy during this time.

We must make you aware that it is the vehicle owners responsibility to ensure that the car is either taxed and insured for road use or declared as SORN. Failure to do so may result in a fine or penalty. You can find out more about declaring your vehicle as SORN by visiting

If you insure your vehicle under a laid-up insurance policy, the insurer will not add the vehicle to the Motor Insurers Database, therefore if your vehicle is registered it must be declared as SORN. Declaring your car off road with a SORN notice will mean that you’ll not be able to drive or park it on a public road. Your car will need to be kept in a garage, or on private land, like your driveway.

Whether your vehicle is garaged or kept on your driveway, cars can be subjected to accidental damage – be it during routine maintenance, by a tin of paint falling off your garage shelf, welding sparks pitting your paintwork, or a cute but destructive family of mice nesting in your upholstery. Your car can be exposed fire and can even be targeted by thieves and criminals.

Our invaluable cover will protect your unused vehicle, it’s spare parts and it’s accessories whilst they are kept in a locked garage or building. It really is essential that your pride and joy is safe and protected should the worst happen.

Here are our essential facts for insuring your classic car or hot rod on a ClassicLine laid up insurance policy

  1. Cover includes accidental damage, fire and theft as standard.
  2. Premiums which reflect the fact that your car is not being used on the road. This also means you will not be paying extra for comprehensive insurance cover when it’s not really necessary.
  3. If you are temporarily sending your classic or custom off for some body work or to the paint shop, you will still be covered. Just give us a call-in advance so we can make a note on your policy.
  4. We can cover imported vehicles. You can cover your newly imported vehicle on our laid up scheme as soon as it has cleared customs, even if the vehicle is yet to be registered in the UK – this can be arranged based on the chassis number. This is essential if you are then planning on trailering your vehicle from the docks to it’s new home.
  5. Speaking of trailers, did you know that we can cover your trailer as part of your insurance package? Just speak to one of our insurance experts about including this on your policy. If you breakdown whilst towing, don’t forget that any trailer up to 7m long will be treated to the same recovery service as your car.
  6. As with all build projects, including those being built to IVA (Individual Vehicle Approval) specifications, having your vehicle insured on a laid-up policy is advisable given the amount of time and effort you will have invested in your project.
  7. Finally, we can offer Agreed Value Cover on laid up policies. The same valuation process applies: get a valuation by either your car club official, an independent specialist or via our in-house service. If the car is in restoration then the agreed value would need to reflect the value of the car in it’s current state, not what it will be worth once restoration’s complete.

Once you are ready to put your car back on the road, just give us a call convert to a road cover policy.

To find out more about our laid up cover for your project, SORN vehicle or newly imported car, call us on 01455 369 000.

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