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Christmas is a time for giving. But sometimes what you’re given by a loved one or friend can leave you scratching your head in bemusement as to their choice of gift.

So as we rush in to the festive period, ClassicLine has hand-selected some of the more unusual car gifts that you might be lucky, or unlucky enough, to receive on 25th December.

Smell you later

Believe it or not, air fresheners are classed as Christmas gifts on some websites!

What would you do if you unwrapped a pine forest smelly? Most likely hang it in your car for a week or so and then discreetly remove it without offending the person who thought it would make the ideal gift.

You’ll just be left forever wondering why they gave it to you in the first place.

Oh deer!

What’s the one thing that keeps you awake at night? If it is the thought of hitting a deer in your car then your prayers will have been answered if you receive this nifty deer deterrent on Christmas morning.

Without going in to the technical details, it emits a sound that humans cannot hear but deers can, which warns them of your impending approach.

And the bonus is that other wild animals can also hear it, so you can sleep tight without having nightmares of also hitting badgers and rabbits.

We are not sure if it also works on domestic animals, so dogs and cats beware.

Deeply dippy

What Christmas present do you give someone who has everything? The answer – a car vent dipping sauce holder.

Yes, you heard it right. The next time you visit your favourite fast food outlet there will be no messing about with where to put your BBQ sauce as you tuck into your chicken nuggets.

Simply attach the holder to the car’s air vent and, bingo, dip away without any mess.


ClassicLine would love to know what unusual car Christmas presents you’ve received.