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In what will be a landmark moment for historic motorsport, from 2024, Goodwood Revival competitors must use fuel with a minimum of 70% sustainable components in line with the FIA’s current definition of a sustainable fuel.

The change has been carefully considered and it is thought that cars will require no modifications in order to run on the new fuel. Goodwood’s move away from fossil fuels is part of their Revive & Thrive ethos. They expect there to be no performance deficit, and the cars can run exactly as they do on standard fuel.

It will certainly be a poignant occasion in the history of British motorsport. But will there still be the same sounds and smells associated with motorsport? The dangers of high ethanol content in fuel are well document amongst the classic car scene, and thankfully, sustainable fuel developers have found ways to eliminate ethanol through chemical processes. And whilst sustainable fuels are arguably one of the best current alternatives to electrification, they need to be more affordable for use at the pump. Hopefully this landmark moment will pave the way for wider use.

We will be watching with excitement and anticipation, will you?

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