After 8 and a half months on the road, Ben and his TVR Chimaera ‘Kermit’ are now home. Having gained a huge following from his latest expedition, Ben is now ready to launch Pub2Pub Adventures, making adventure road trips accessible in an organised fashion. Ben tells us his eventual goal is to get a classic sports car to the South Pole!

ClassicLine Insurance together with Ageas are pleased to be sponsoring Pub2Pub Adventures as Ben’s official insurance partnerfor 2018. We share Ben’s passion and belief in classic cars and its great to be supporting him and recognising the achievements of the TVR.

The plan

Ben Coombs is a guy who likes cars and who likes to travel. Well, we all do, but what sets him apart from the rest? Ben likes big challenges and is motived to make them happen! Ben is no stranger to long road trips having taking part in the Mongul Rally in his Mini called Daisy, driven across Africa in a Porsche and then driven to Vietnam in a V8 C4 Corvette. Ben caught the expedition bug and is always on the lookout for his next adventure or something that will be a laugh. So, whilst sat in a Dartmoor pub one evening, the idea of driving from the northern most pub in the world to the southern most was born. Ben tells us with a bit of Googling, he found the northern most pub and the southern most, figured out it was doable and then set about making it a reality!

The car

The Pub2Pub Expedition was driven the whole way in a TVR Chimaera.
Ben tells us he has owned the TVR for 6 years now. When he first bought it, it was pristine and he always said to himself that the TVR is not doing a trip, well apart from a 1,000 mile round trip to France the first week he got it. As Pub2Pub began to evolve, Ben hadn’t managed to source a car and with the TVR, nicknamed ‘Kermit’ sitting there he decided it was the perfect car for the trip. The TVR sounds good, looks good; the 90’s TVR’s are built with passion and charisma giving a more real driving experience.

After driving 26,500 miles across 25 countries you would think that the car would be battered and bruised, but it withstood the terrains and extremes really well. It’s been everywhere between zero degrees up to 50 degrees celsius, 86 metres below sea level up to 4,700 metres above sea level. It’s been through dirt, gravel, mud, rivers, snow and was very reliable. Ben tells us they had to change the clutch in Nicaragua and there were a few other niggles, like HT leads playing up, but nothing major. Ben carried a basic kit, a few tools picked up in Walmart in the US. Ben tells us when you ship cars by RORO you can’t leave anything in the car, so you can only take the tools you can actually carry and fortunately the trip didn’t demand anything he didn’t have. The whole trip was done on one set of tyres, though he did have to change one tyre in Patagonia as it was starting to thin.

We have seen the car as Ben is on his homeward leg of the expedition and other than quite muddy, it looks great. The TVR had a full service before the trip started but was left completely standard, no modifications, standard drive height, standard engine, no changes at all. As adverts go for TVR’s, it’s not bad at all!

The expedition

Setting off from Dartmoor on the 2nd July 2017, Ben and Kermit first made their way up to the remote island of Svalbard, in the deep artic about 400 miles north of Tromso in Norway. Accompanied by 2 friends and a Nissan Micra acting as the trips official camera car. Here was their first goal, a hotel bar of an obscure, deserted, former mining settlement called Pyramiden run by the Longyearbyen Brewery.
From here they made their way back down through Europe, back into the UK and then shipped the car over to New York.

When he got over to the States, there were then 6 of them and two cars – a bright orange 5.7 litre Dodge Charger. They drove in convoy from New York across to San Francisco and then down to Panama, eventually making their way towards the second goal, Tierra del Fuego on the southernmost tip of the South American continent, where the southernmost ‘licensed premises’ on the planet lies. The expedition officially finishes in Dartmoor, back where he started last year.

Ben tells us they have been very careful not to represent this trip as a pub crawl, the only two pubs which were official stop offs were the northern most and southern most pubs in the world, in-between was the real adventure.

At night they would pitch up a tent or find a local hostel or hotel. The most extreme camping conditions were 50o heat in Death Valley, with an overnight low of 42o. Ben tells us the cold wasn’t so bad, they camped in Norway in the summer which gets to 0o but if you have a decent sleeping bag and are used to camping its pretty easy.

Over the 8 and a half months, they averaged around 120-130 miles per day. Some days they pulled a long day. Ben says you will rack up the miles to get somewhere you want to go, then have a break for a few days to coincide with somewhere interesting. Ben was never alone, he would often pick up hitch hikers or give travellers from hostels a lift. We asked Ben if he had a trip anthem, but he said this trip hasn’t really had an anthem…yet! Other trips had 3-4 different songs. One that did get hummed a lot was Van Halen ‘Panama’ after he was stuck in Panama for over a week. From Panama you have to ship the car to Columbia, across the Darien Gap with no roads.

The highlights

Having driven across 25 countries, we asked Ben what were his highlights. He replied, the whole of South America! He likes opens spaces, deserts and mountains which South America has in abundance. He would like to go back to Patagonia. It’s like nowhere else on earth; desolate, windy, but it has raw character. He drove through Patagonia too fast and would like to go back…he’s toying with the idea of buying an old Renault 4 and driving back there… Up there on the highlights list is getting the car out on to the Salt Flats in Uyuni in Southern Bolivia. We did asked Ben if there was any racing going on there but sadly no, that’s left to the likes of Bonneville!

Ben said that they didn’t spend too much time in El Salvador or Honduras. There were riots and road blocks in Honduras the week after they left. And Costa Rica with a right-hand drive car, it was a bit awkward because of the steering being on the wrong side.

Other than this, Ben said the only other challenges were the speed bumps the majority of the way through South America! They were sufficiently high that the TVR would ground out on them so he would approach them at an angle – not ideal when you are somewhere like Guatemala City centre with chaotic traffic. He did say he lost an exhaust tip through hitting the speed bumps somewhere in Patagonia.

What’s next

This is not the end of the adventure – it’s just the beginning
Ben is launching Pub2Pub Adventures off the back of the journey; a company dedicated to making this unique blend of adventure road trips available to the masses, while organising new journeys which build on what
the Pub2Pub brand has already achieved.

The TVR’s journey across the globe has caught people’s imagination like little else. Last month, a BBC article about the journey was read by 1.5 million people in the first 8 hours on line. Over 60 different news outlets have covered the trip, from the Daily Mail to the Hindustan Times (!), reaching over ten million people, it’s been featured on BBC Radio 2, 4 and 5, and hit the news in every automotive news outlet from Top Gear to Carthrottle.

Future Events

No upcoming events


8th January 2018

The festive period makes you feel a bit nostalgic. So, we looked back at all our previous road trips and decided to plot them all on one map! It kinda begs the question, what’s next?!

Here are some stats for the combined trips:

Distance driven – 92,000 miles
Countries visited – 80
time spent overlanding – 22 months
Breakdowns – also around 80
Max altitude – 4,700m (Bolivian Altoplano, TVR)
Minimum altitude – minus 286m (The Dead Sea, Jordan, Porsche 944)
Maximum temperature – 52 degC (Death Valley, TVR)
Minimum temperature – minus 19 degC (Arctic Winter, Fiat 126)
Toughest road – Moyale-Marsabit, Northern Kenya in rainy season (Porsche 944)
Toughest borders – Costa Rica (7 days to cross), China (4 days to cross) and Egypt (bureaucratic nightmare)
Toughest breakdown – Porsche suspension failure in the Namib Desert, southern Africa.
Biggest mistake – Destroying my passport and car V5 in Uzbekistan
Scariest drive – Southern Egypt, through the night with full ‘blues & twos’ police escort
Nicest people – Colombia
Favourite Steed – a dead heat between Kermit the Chimaera, and Daisy the Mongol Rally Mini
Least Favourite steed – the £200 Honda bike I rode across Vietnam, and named the ‘Little Bastard’

So that’s the past. Now, on to the future… what would you do next?

9th November 2018

It’s always an honour when you’re invited to be part of something big, and in the classic car world, it doesnt’ get much bigger than the NEC Classic Motor Show.  We’re talking one of Europe’s biggest classic events – three days, 2,500 cars and over 70,000 people.  So, when the TVR Car Club invited me to display Kermit on their stand, I was there quicker than you could say ‘Birmingham’.
Amid a sea of shiny chrome and perfect paintwork, Kermit was possibly the most battered car in the whole of the NEC – a fact emphasized by our decision to display the car next to a selection of Pub2Pub memorabilia – the tent, tools and other paraphernalia from the eight-month trip.  This certainly generated some interest in our globetrotting steed, and it was certainly one of the stars of the show, thanks in no small part to how well the Pub2Pub story fits in with the show’s theme – ‘Built to last’.
After the show, we headed back down the M5 to Devon, with the realisation that we’d just made our last show appearance of the year.  We’ll be taking the TVR off the road at the end of the month, for some well-earned TLC.  How well earned?  Well, in the past 16 months, the car has covered 33,000 miles in 27 countries on three continents.  It’s reached altitudes of 4,700m in the Andes, crossed salt flats in Bolivia, raced Porsches on the German Autobahn and braved the 50 degree heat in Death Valley.  So yeah, it certainly deserves a break, and some mechanical attention between now and the spring.
But don’t think that means the automotive adventuring is going to end there!  We’ll be enjoying the winter at the wheel of a very different car, and one far better suited to the rain and snow you expect at this time of year.  Watch this space to find out what it is!

16th October 2018

Life after the Pub2Pub Expedition – The Eagle Rally
Six months ago, the Pub2Pub Expedition crossed the finish line on Dartmoor, with our trusty TVR having completed its 27,000 mile across the globe in fine style.  And thinking back over the incredible adventure we’d just completed got us thinking – why should we have all the fun? Shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to create their own Pub2Pub memories? Of course they should.

That was the thinking behind the launch of Pub2Pub Adventures – the goal of making our unique brand of pub-based adventuring which we’d pioneered on the Pub2Pub Expedition available to everyone.

It was a big goal, but thanks to the help of other forward thinkers who shared our dream – folk such as Classicline Insurance – we’re delighted to say that people are now enjoying the fruits of our labours, for last week saw the running of our first organised event – The Eagle Rally.

This event saw ‘Kermit’ – The Pub2Pub Expedition’s long-suffering TVR Chimaera – lead a convoy of overpowered sports cars from England to The Eagle’s Nest, in deepest Bavaria, and went surprisingly smoothly considering it was our first try at outing together an organised event such as this.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll leave you with some photos which should give you an idea of what life on the road during the Eagle Rally was like – but not before I say thank you to the gallant ralliers themselves, and those such as Classicline who’ve supported us in getting this event off the ground. Thanks guys!

View the trips ‘top ten moments’ blog HERE.

16th August 2018

The old saying ‘make hay while the sun shines’ is probably very apt if you’re a farmer, but for us car enthusiasts, this balmy summer has given the perfect opportunity to indulge in our equivalent – making noise when the sun shines.

And when it comes to making noise, there’s not much which can beat a TVR, as we found out when we were invited to perform a series of demonstration runs with Kermit at Beaulieu’s Supercar Weekend, earlier in August. Now, given that the event is all about supercars, and anything which doesn’t sport a 6-figure price tag is pretty much bottom of the food chain, you’d expect to feel rather intimidated rocking up in a bargain-basement Chimaera.

Especially when you join the queue to perform your runs, and find yourself surrounded by Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins and the like. However, it turns out that our humble Chimaera – in part thanks to its rather mellifluous ACT cherry-bomb exhaust – can still hold its head up high in such company, and the crowd responded well to the plucky British underdog.

The weekend after Beaulieu’s Supercar Weekend, we attended a somewhat different event – Amore Auto’s first birthday party. This boutique TVR dealership near Bristol has created quite a following since its launch, and decided to celebrate with a BBQ and a talk about our Pub2Pub journey. Despite the weather not being remotely conducive to making hay, there were around 50 TVRs gathered on-site, and the afternoon was quite a spectacle, the BBQ was great, and I didn’t even seem to mess the talk up too much – all in all, a great result.

Our attention is now focussed on Pub2Pub Adventure’s rapidly approaching first event – The Eagle Rally, which hits the road at the end of September. But don’t imagine that doesn’t mean we won’t be getting out and making the most of the last of the summer over the coming weeks. Hopefully, we’ll see you at an event soon enough…

16th July 2018

This weekend, the Pub2Pub TVR headed west, and flew the Classicline & Ageas flag in deepest Cornwall at a little gem if a car show which answers to the name of ‘Wadebridge Wheels’.

And the show certainly justified the visit, with perfect weather luring out everything from a steam-powered race car from the early 1900’s, to a pristine Aston Martin DB4 superlegerra. However, our personal favourite was a well-used Renault 4, covered in stickers and crowned with a roof rack, which brought back memories of the time we bought such a vehicle in Slovenia and drove it home a few years ago…

9th July 2018

This weekend was spent with the TVR Car Club at the Powderham Castle Historic Vehicle Gathering. Perfect weather and everything from spotless Mk1 Ford Fiestas to milli-pound Aston Martins made for a memorable weekend…

2nd July 2018

Kermit appears to be stealing the limelight again; this time in Sprint – the TVR Car Club‘s compelling monthly magazine.

At this rate, it won’t be long until Kermit refuses to drive on tarmac unless someone puts down a red carpet for him to leak oil onto first…

If you’d like to see Kermit in the metal (fibreglass?), he’ll be joining the TVRCC contingents at the Powderham Historic Vehicle Gathering this weekend, Wadebridge Wheels on July 15th and at the Supercar Weekend at Beaulieu on the 4/5th August. Come say hi… 🙂

Lastly, it’s good to see the article sharing a spread with our supporters at Classicline Insurance. Coincidence?!

26th June 2018

After a long day on the Thursday, starting with breakfast in Surrey with Team TVR, followed by collecting Kermit from Racing Green TVR, we then drove down to La Sarthe.

Friday, it was over to Saint Saturnin for the ‘Classic British Welcome’ car show, which has become a bit of an institution for Le Mans-goers in recent years. About 400 classics were in evidence, including the new TVR Griffith, which wowed the crowds when Les Edgar – TVR’s new owner – fired it up and proudly blipped the throttle.

All too soon, it was time to leave the show and negotiate the road closures to the paddock in the centre of town, from where the parade would be departing that evening.

There were a variety of open-topped 1920s machines which would carry the drivers during the parade, a brace of scarcely-more-modern looking Morgans of both the three and four wheeled variety, and an array of circus performers who further added to the surrealism. And then, of course, there were the drivers themselves – the likes of Jenson Button, Fernando Alonso and Chris Harris milling through the crowds, enjoying the downtime before the stresses of the following day’s race.
At exactly 6 minutes past 7, it was our 10-car TVR convoy’s turn to join the parade, and with fingers crossed against the car overheating in the heat, I inched my way onto the route, with a motorcycle escort introducing our convoy as the ‘TVR presentation’.

The six-deep crowds heaved at the barriers, enjoying the spectacle in their slightly inebriated state. And what does a slightly inebriated person want when they see a TVR? Noise, that’s what. At every point in the parade, it seemed there would be at least one person demanding we ‘rev it’ and obviously, with the marque’s reputation at stake, we didn’t disappoint.

Kermit’s new ACT exhaust sounded sublime reverberating off the walls of Le Man’s historic centre, but was solidly outgunned in volume terms by the decatted and near-straight piped V6 TVR ‘wedge’ a few cars back in the parade, which could probably be heard back in Britain…

The parade took just over an hour, and despite the heat and excessive throttle use, all the TVRs in our convoy performed flawlessly, without any overheating or other issues.

18th June 2018

The Driver’s Parade through Le Mans was a great privilege, with all the drivers taking part, along with a few invited classic and performance cars. Kermit was one of ten heritage TVRs who played a part in the parade, and for an hour, was cheered on through the city by the crowds who had turned out to see the spectacle.

While it was great to fly the flag for Pub2Pub and Classicline insurance together with Ageas at the biggest race on the planet, the pleasure of doing so was matched by the relief of completing the slow loop of the city without any overheating issues.

After the parade, it was time for the race, which saw the TVR-sponsored Rebellion team come in third and fourth, beaten only by the mega-budget Toyota hybrids. All in all, a weekend to remember!

June 15th 2018

This week is an exciting week for Ben and Pub2Pub Adventures! Kermit is off to the Le Mans 24 hours this weekend and is playing a very important part in the event opening parade.

Amid pre-event preparations, Ben took time to send us this update…

‘Le Mans is unique – an incredible celebration of motor racing which is probably the most famous race event on the planet. As such, I was honoured when TVR asked whether ‘Kermit’ would be available to take part in the pre-race Driver’s parade, and obviously, given the once-in-a-lifetime nature of being able to participate in such a spectacle, my answer was immediate and affirmative.

The parade takes place on Friday evening, and in the company of many other motoring enthusiasts from across the UK, I’ll be making the pilgrimage across the channel to be part of the event, and fly the flag for Pub2Pub and Classicline Insurance together with Ageas at the biggest race on earth. If you see us there, don’t forget to give us a wave!’

So, if you are at the event or watching on a screen, keep a look out for Kermit & Ben on the grid!