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  • Limited Mileage Discount
  • Agreed Value Classic Cover
  • Breakdown Cover
  • Trackday/Rally Cover
  • Laid Up Cover & EU Cover

Classic cars are our passion, join the happy customers we've gathered over the last 30 years and get a quote for your cherished car.

Charles Matthews

Classic Car Insurance

ClassicLine are specialists in a multitude of classic car insurance. Whether you’re driving a 1960s Porsche, driving an Aston Martin DB9 off the forecourt or are putting the finishing touches on a hot rod; we’ve got exclusive classic schemes suited to your needs.

ClassicLine Insurance started out as a local insurance broker in 1985. Quickly recognising the need and demand for the developing specialised insurance markets, ClassicLine came to the forefront of Classic Car Insurance. Starting out with just one Classic Car Club scheme for Triumph we have stood the test of time and have become a successful and highly trusted classic car insurance broker with a reputation in excellence. Our attitude towards insurance is that it has become far too impersonal and is plagued with call centres, at our UK based offices all the staff are trained to handle any enquiry. No need to be passed through several departments in order to get a quote, and then be transferred again when you want to renew. You’ll also be dealing with classic car enthusiasts, with specialist knowledge and expertise that comes with long standing service in a niche market. This way we can guarantee you our full attention to match your individual requirements along with a personal service.

Through close relationships with our panel of specialist classic car insurance companies and our exclusive markets we are confident that we can find the right policy and tailor make it to suit your individual needs.

What is classic car insurance?

It’s hard to provide a full and comprehensive definiton, on a market which is constantly adapting and evolving. It’s fair to say that it was initially created as insurance for vehicles of non-regular usage, for the classic, collectable, antique or high performance car. It seemed unfair that these people would be paying private car premiums for something that only sees the road every other weekend. Though this has developed over the years to be a more approachable and accommodating marketplace. With our panel of insurers we have created several schemes to perfection. We now not only have schemes for the maturer classic vehicle, but also for vehicles from new. That’s because we know that some cars which are being produced today will become the classics of tomorrow.

Does it have any additional benefits?

Of course, there are many differences and benefits between a classic car policy and a regular conventional policy. Here are some general benefits that we offer across all our specialist schemes, please check into each individual scheme to see if any other additional benefits apply:

Agreed Value
One of the main benefits that people like with classic car policies is that you can have an agreed value. If the car is over 5 years old. It means that you can get a valuation and place it on the policy. If there’s a total loss claim, you’ll then have no hassle and be paid out what your value was agreed value. No arguments, no hassle, just peace of mind in knowing the figure that will be written on the cheque.
Limited Mileage Discount
Unlike conventional policies, our premiums are discounted by how much you can limit your mileage. The more you can restrict your mileage, the bigger the discount on your insurance premium.
Track Day and Rally Cover
We know you like to show off your classic cars, so that’s why if you’re a member of a car club and they’re organising the track day/rally event; we’ll even cover it for free.
Not NCB Rated
Classic car insurance is frequently taken out as cover for a secondary vehicle. As such our clients usually come to us with no NCB as it’s stored on their primary vehicle. Our premiums are not calculated on NCB which will mean you get the same price if you come to us with 0 years, as you would with 30 years. However, that doesn’t mean you still don’t accrue NCB, you’ll gain a years bonus for each consecutive claim free year you’re with us. Should you have any existing bonus we can also keep this valid, and it will accrue in the same way.
Breakdown Cover
We’ve developed a close partnership with Equity Red Star, and as such they’ve provided us with UK roadside and assistance cover, which comes as standard on all our car policies. They also provide additional cover such as homestart and EU cover.
Too Many To List...
It’s hard to be concise with just the sheer number of benefits included on classic car insurance policies. European cover comes as standard, with up to 90 days of free cover within the EU. You get free car club organised track and rally day cover. You’ll always have rights to salvage in the event of a write-off claim. If the claim’s not a write-off you can choose the repairer to use (subject to the insurance company approval of repairer and estimate).