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The Annual Hinckley Car show promised its residents a display of shining cherished vehicles strewn across the local town, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint. Right from the very top of Castle Street, weaving across to The Mead, past the local school and through into the Borough: there were hundreds. Around 700, in fact. You can’t help but compare to the previous years turnout, when even the Mayor announced this year that he was overwhelmed with the public and participants involvement- so much so that they may need to change the venue for the following year!

We gave up counting cars at 600 … it has to be close to 700 in total.

Steve Wegerif – Hinckley BID

The audience was impressive. You can assume car enthusiasts of course, but they brought with them their families, friends, children, babies – and even their dogs! As soon as the sun came out early afternoon it was the icing on the cake and quickly became the ideal local family day out. It was so lovely to see car owners educating the younger generation, and them appreciating the vehicles for the works of art they are. Truly loved cars that have been freshly polished are a far cry from their usual family run around. But it didn’t just stop at your well-known classic cars. There were no limitations to these blasts from the past – there were quirky campers and vintage bikes and scooters, too. It was a visual treat across the town.

Steve Wegerif from Hinckley BID, commenting on the turn out and success, stated “Hinckley has a lot to be proud of, and we are most grateful to the businesses in our town centre. This is now definitely the largest town centre motors how in the Midlands. We gave up counting cars at 600 … it has to be close to 700 in total.’ And what a worthy effort. There are talks of moving to Nuneaton to accommodate for the growing interest (though the locals of Hinckley are keen to keep us where it all began).