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Priding itself on showcasing some of the most up-to-date unique car models fresh from the factory, along side modern classics and golden oldies we know and love; one word you could never use to describe Manchester Car Show is boring.

The vast array of cars, trade stands, and workshop demos, even from a business perspective; was anything but dull. The mere fact that the calibre of people within the room varied from toddlers to teenagers, and parents to pensioners reaffirmed that this wasn’t just a car show; but in fact an educational family day out. It invited all ages to be hands on with history and get to know more about the cars and how they were made. The early autumn showcase held exhibitions displaying the work behind making some of our favourite models. The buzz in the room was electric. Within the vast 300,000 square foot, not one corner was quiet.

No detail had been neglected, and organisers had left nothing to chance.

Entrepreneurs with their small businesses offered car parts, car batteries, and essentials; collectors displayed and sold their beloved car miniatures to the infant soon-to-be car enthusiasts, while car clubs were advertising the benefits to their organisations with exciting events and track days they had lined up. There really was something for everybody. Being the typically British patriotic citizens that we are, there was even a stand with military vehicles advertising their heritage, charity and past and present vehicles both for working and leisure use. It was a learning experience for all ages, and something that will seldom be forgotten for years to come.

I was overwhelmed that the event was swarming with such a competitive market for classics. At our stand we enjoyed being challenged to go the extra mile for our clientele, ensuring their vehicles were well catered for with platinum cover, yet still remaining an honourable and attractive price. I found that both our visitors and policyholders were keen for platinum cover due to the constant reminder of the surrounding standard of vehicles. It was spell binding – and not one to just affect our clients but our business team too (and in particular, myself). The value of the entire room was something daunting and immeasurable- very humbling to say the least. I think I speak on behalf of the whole team when I say that it was an experience we were pleased to share with our customers. I can only hope that next year lives up to our high expectations.