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There are many things that make a truly memorable movie.

Sometimes it’s a plotline filled twists and turns, sometimes it’s an amazing chemistry between the two leading actors, sometimes it’s a great theme tune. It might even be because it was the first time you experienced romantic bliss in the backrow of a cinema!

However, more often than not it is the appearance of a magic motor that catches the public’s imagination and catapults it to silver screen stardom.

Here’s our 5 favourite movie cars:

Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger

Road rage taken to the next level

Taking road rage to the next level

Complete with ejector seat, rotating tyre slashers and concealed machine guns (to name just a few gadgets), this is the most iconic James Bond car ever.

DB5, we’ve been expecting you!

Volkswagen Beetle – The Love Bug

Love bug

All loved up with the Love Bug

Herbie was the star of the movie from the start and such was the success of The Love Bug that the loveable VW racing Beetle went on to star in a series of films.

Please ride again Herbie.

Ford Mustang GT 390 – Bullitt

The only way to see San Francisco

The only way to see San Francisco

Taking centre stage in one of the best filmed car chases ever sequenced, the Bullitt had a dark menacing streak and has come to define cool for almost 50 years.

This is one Bullitt we don’t want to miss.

DeLorean DMC-12 – Back to the Future


Futuristic elegance

With its famous gullwing doors, the stainless-steel DeLorean featured in all three Back to the Future feature films from 1985 to 1990.

Not only a car but also a time machine – it doesn’t get any better than this.

X-34 Land Speeder – Star Wars

This thing

Feel the Force, Luke

OK, not technically a car but still a form of personal transportation. Hovering just above the ground and capable of fantastic speed meant Luke Skywalker and co had all the fun.

We want to join the Rebel Alliance.

These are our five favourite, but we’d love to hear your nominations.