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ClassicLine Insurance has a few simple tips to get the best price when selling a convertible as demand for top down models hots up in June.
Cosmetic damage, including paint scratches, a chipped windscreen or small dents to the bodywork, are some of the main offenders that can quickly knock hundreds of pounds off the asking price.

Keeping mileage to a minimum is one very simple and effective way that owners can look after their convertible in preparation for when they come to sell it this summer.

Ian Fray – Managing Director

Ian Fray, managing director at ClassicLine Insurance, explained: “As the weather continues to improve then demand for convertibles also increases. Indeed, Brits have a love affair with top down motoring as the UK is often among the largest markets for convertibles in Europe. However, the good news is that it is easy to get the best price for your convertible, whether it’s a classic or not, just by following a few simple cost-effective rules.”

Easy ways to protect the exterior condition of the car include keeping it in a garage if available to protect it from the elements, waxing the vehicle a few times a year and washing it regularly, plus having it valeted.

Top tips to keep the interior in the best condition for selling include not smoking in the vehicle as cigarette smoke is incredibly difficult to remove or cover up, plus investing in car seat covers to help protect the leather or cloth.

What goes on underneath the bonnet can also massively reduce how much a car will sell for but regular servicing can stop small engine issues becoming big issues. It’s just as important to keep a record of the car’s maintenance schedule to give extra reassurance to potential buyers.

Regular oil changes can also prevent major engine problems, while overlooking unusual engine sounds can also be a costly mistake.