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As we head into 2018, ClassicLine is taking a look at which cars and marques may be hot sellers in the year ahead.

However, these are just our observations so please don’t take out a loan to buy one of these as a classic car investment just because we like the look of them!

Fast Fords

Fast Fords will always provide great fun, eye-catching styling and all for a reasonable four-figure sum.

While for many the XR2 is the ‘must have’ badge, the fact remains that many of these models offer an opening to Ford’s performance car history.

Performance Vauxhalls

If Ford isn’t your thing, then perhaps we can tempt you with a Vauxhall hot hatch.

For some super-fast accelerating and great handling, look no further than the Astra GTE.

Meanwhile, if you want brilliant looks and great fun behind the wheel, then the Chevette HS is the one for you.

French flair

The Peugeot 205 GTI is arguably the best hot hatch of the 1980s because it’s seen as the complete package.

While production stopped in 1993, its popularity has always remained strong, which helps push up the price.

Also, some outrageous bidding at auction for exceptional models is helping to keep the market strong for more average versions.

Don’t move over Rover

An old Land Rover is likely to retain its value, however, strong enthusiasm for them in the first place might make them relatively expensive to buy.

However, they were built to last and are available in a variety of wheel base lengths, which can make owning a classic Land Rover a wise investment.

And let’s not forget the tremendous off-roading fun that can be had.

Austin powers

An Austin Healey 3000 MK III in good condition is constantly viewed by industry experts as a highly sought-after model.

Demand will always be strong as just over 17,000 of these two-seaters were built back in the mid-1960s.

Which classic cars do you think will do well in 2018? ClassicLine Insurance would love to hear from you.