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On the 2nd October 2019 the classic car community celebrated National Name Your Car Day.

Here at ClassicLine we love celebrating a national awareness day, even more so when it’s an automotive occasion. Ok, so this may be an American holiday, but when it gets folk talking and sharing their classic car stories, we have to join the party!

To celebrate the day, the ClassicLine team asked some of our favourite car clubs to tell us the names you have bestowed upon your pride and joys. The response was outstanding! So good in fact, that we have picked our top 20 favourite classic car names to share with you.

So, following our highly scientific poll, we can now reveal ClassicLine’s most loved classic car names.

  • Bridget the MG Midget
  • Sweet Jean the ’61 Cadillac Coupe de Ville
  • Orville the green Triumph Spitfire
  • Brian the Morris 1000
  • Silver Sloth the Audi convertible
  • Skinty McSkintFace the Sunbeam Alpine
  • Bel Air Lugosi the ’57 Chevy
  • Rusty the Dodge Charger
  • Molly Pop the Ford 100e
  • Kermit the green TVR Chimaera
  • Jumbo the Humber
  • Jellybean the Ford 100e
  • Sunny B the Sunbeam Talbot
  • The Princess the Freelander
  • Vinnie the diesel Jaguar XJ
  • Ernie the VW Type 3
  • Phoebe the Morris Minor
  • Myrtle the Morris Marina
  • Big Momma the ’59 Cadillac
  • Bluebell the Austin Seven

We must also give a special mention to some of the more endearing names you have bestowed on your classics… You know who you are!

  • WhatzThatNoiseNow!
  • The Moneypit
  • The Flying Log
  • The Shed
  • College Fund
  • Bun Seam
  • Cam Buster
  • Constipated – couldn’t pass a thing!
  • The Snail

If you have a great name for your classic car, let us know!

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