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2021 has been a very special year for The Bug Club. Not only were Bond Bug owners finally able to come together to officially celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Bond Bug, which had to be rolled over from 2020, but The Bug Club also turned 30. This double celebration meant that this year’s annual Club rally was the biggest yet with 52 Bond Bug cars coming together on the 19th – 25th August to mark the occasion.

Karl Russell, Rally Secretary for The Bug Club, has kindly sent a few words to round up this great event as well as these fantastic photos:

This year’s rally celebrated 50 years of the Bond Bug, albeit a year later due to Covid-19. Although we had to wait an extra year this meant it was a double celebration as our Club, The Bug Club also turned 30. The rally was a huge success and by the time we went to bed on the first night, there were 22 Bond Bugs parked up for the night, and by the end of the rally, 52 Bond Bugs had attended. We went for various drives out in our cars, and for a little fun on Saturday night we had a 70's fancy dress with a singer. Sunday, the Bong Bugs lined up forming a great display. Tom Karen, the original designer of the Bond Bug, and a few of his former colleagues from Ogle Design, even joined us to chat and have a good look around.

Karl Russell - The Bug Club Rally Secretary

Thank you Karl, sounds like it was a very fitting celebration. If you want to find out more about the Bond Bug, or The Club Bug, you can catch the Club at the upcoming National Micro Car Rally in Shropshire this September.

Enjoy the photos!