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Records are meant to be broken and that includes anything to do with cars.

All attempts have to be admired – whether it’s human endurance, acts of tremendous skill or mechanical feats.

We’ve put together a few favourites, hope you like them!

Making a mark

World’s longest skid marks

No, we’re not talking about any unpleasantness in the underwear department.

The record for the longest continuous car skid is nearly 6 miles long after the jet-powered Spirit of America went out of control at Bonneville in Utah back in 1964.

Small but beautiful – the Peel P50

World’s smallest production car

Measuring a tiny 4ft 5ins long and 3ft 3ins wide and tall, the 1960s Peel P50 microcar is now a collector’s item.

Only 50 were ever made and although they cost just £199 when new they now fetch mammoth prices around the £120,000 mark.

Given its miniature nature just remember where you park it as you may not find it again.


Furthest distance pushing a car by team of two

Aleksandar Chekorov and Aleksandar Smilkov are the men to contact if you ever run out of petrol.

They pushed a Daewoo for nearly 60 miles in Macedonia in 24 hours to set this amazing record of human endurance.

If only they’d checked the fuel gauge before heading off!

Sometimes you find yourself in a tight spot!

Tightest parallel parking

It’s one of the most feared parking manoeuvres for many motorists but British stunt driver Alastair Moffatt can’t get enough of it.

He skilfully managed to park a Fiat 500C 1.2 Cult into a tiny gap just measuring 7.5cm longer than the car.

Alastair, we salute you on behalf of all the bad drivers of the world.

You can go a long way in a Volvo!

Highest mileage vehicle

In 2014, Irvin Gordon of the USA clocked up his three-millionth mile in his beloved 1966 Volvo 1800s.

That’s the equivalent of almost 120 times around the world or a shed load of trips to the shops and back (whichever you find most impressive).

These are our favourite car related world records. What are yours?