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Just like hedgehogs, many classic cars go into hibernation over the winter months.

Unlike hedgehogs, putting classic cars in winter storage needs some forethought so as Spring returns it’s in good condition to hit the road (although hopefully not hit a hedgehog).

There’s many tips to ensure your pride-and-joy stays fresh as a daisy, but these are ours:

Let it be

No, we’re not suggesting playing the Beatle’s final studio album on a constant loop.
Contrary to popular believe, if your car is in storage then starting it every few weeks just to idle is NOT a good idea.

This can lead to condensation build up in various systems that don’t properly burn off.

Location, location, location

This is not a reference to Channel 4’s hit property show but choosing the correct place to store your classic over winter is a key consideration.

Normally a home garage is fine. Otherwise a storage facility with a concrete floor (not bare earth) that does not have excessive moisture should do the job.

By the way, did you know that Location, Location, Location first aired in 2000. Now that’s a fact to remember for the next pub quiz.

Top up with fuel and anti-freeze

Despite some Austrian wineries using anti-freeze ingredients to top up their plonk back in the eighties, it does have other uses.

Most notably, it will help reduce condensation levels in the engine, just the same as filling up with fuel.

As for wine over the winter months, we’d suggest a nice earthy red to warm the veins, possibly a tipple from the Loire Valley.

Wax on, wax off

Good advice from Miyagi in The Karate Kid, even if you’re not in training for a black belt.

Washing and cleaning your car, including waxing, will help get rid of salt and other nasties so the bodywork remains in prime condition when in storage.

Meanwhile, here’s a question for film fans. How many Karate Kid films were made? No prizes for guessing correctly.

Put a sock in it

Actually, a rag would do, but stuffing a cloth into the air intake and exhaust will stop small animals from nesting in your vehicle.

Last thing you want to find is an array of hedgehogs under the bonnet come Spring (sorry but back on the spiky animal theme).

These are ClassicLine Insurance top winter storage tips, but we’d love to hear yours.