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Following on from our look at cars named after people, now comes cars named after geographical locations.

However, credit to car manufacturers as they don’t just stop at using towns and cities for inspiration. Islands are also popular and there’s even a mountain range thrown in (can you guess which one?).

Ford Capri

Now here’s a quick geography lesson, but for those who didn’t know then the island of Capri is just off the coast from Sorrento.

As for the car, it has sold nearly 2 million models and was used on the opening sequences of Minder (see our article about cars on TV).

The island of Capri is also famous for the children’s favourite juice drink ‘Capri-Sun’.

Kia Sorento

Looks like Kia missed an extra ‘r’ on the cars badging but we’re guessing this model might take its inspiration from the popular Italian coastal resort.

Aside from the spelling mistake, the Kia Sorento actually boasts a maximum five-star safety rating from EURO NCAP and has claimed a few other automotive awards.

Seat Ibiza

We’re staying in the Med and moving to the party capital of Europe (as you can tell anything to do with hot sunny climates appears popular with car makers).

Seat’s best-selling model has been in production for more than 20 years and spans four generations.

Meanwhile, the island of Ibiza is famous its nightlife although still has plenty of quiet villages and stunning beaches. Perhaps you can explore them, in an Ibiza of course.

Triumph Dolomite

Italy gets a third mention in our list thanks to Triumph’s saloon car that was made from 1972 to 1980.

While the Dolomite was manufactured in Coventry, the actual Dolomites mountain range is in north-east Italy and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Italian names do seem popular with car makers. What next? The Peugeot Pompeii, the Nissan Naples or the BMW Bari!

Morris Oxford

Away from the sunny Med and we Brits have been using place names as inspiration for much longer.

The series of Morris Oxfords were produced from 1913-1935 and 1948-1971 and were named by W R Morris after the world-famous university city.

Other interesting facts about Oxford is that residents are known as Oxonians and it has the first museum in the world opened to the general public in 1683.

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