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Research by ClassicLine Insurance reveals that owners of classic cars looking for a safe haven for their vehicle should move to Bournemouth as it has the lowest frequency of classic car thefts in the UK.

Other parts of the country where classic cars are less likely to be stolen include Derby, Northampton, Plymouth, Llandudno, Worcester, Shrewsbury, Dorchester, Walsall and Hereford.

Ian Fray, managing director at ClassicLine Insurance, said: “Bournemouth is already famous for its golden beaches, award-winning gardens and its pier. Now it can also lay claim to being the safest place in the UK to own a classic car!”

Meanwhile, areas which have the highest frequency of theft claims with ClassicLine Insurance include south-east London, Oldham, Bromley, Enfield, Ilford, south-west London, Bolton, Southend-on-Sea, Rochester and Sheffield.

Having car insurance to fit your needs is vitally important should the worse happen and your car is stolen, no matter where you live.

Ian Fray – Managing Director

ClassicLine’s data also reveals that the summer months of June to August have the highest frequency of theft claims of vehicles not kept in a garage or locked building, while the winter months of December to February are the quietest.

While many modern cars benefit from built-in high-tech anti-theft devices, classic cars are more likely to be at risk.

Classic cars are a particularly attractive target for car thieves because low tech security is coupled with rising values for many models.

However, among the main things that car owners can do to protect their vehicle from theft include parking in a well-lit area, remove or hide any belongings, fit a steering wheel lock and, if possible, park it in a locked garage.