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Volkswagen is an incredibly popular brand, consistently making the top ten lists for new car sales. But with this popularity there are often some forgotten gems. We here at ClassicLine love a rare classic so we’ve gone back through the history books to bring you some of Volkswagens forgotten classics

Type 3 ‘1500/1600’

Everyone knows the VW Type 1 is the Beetle, the Type 2 is the Camper, but what about the Type 3? The Type 3 was used to diversify the VW range, using the Beetles air-cooled flat-four engine, mounted at the rear, the Type 3 was available as a sleek fastback, practical squareback or a sporty looking notchback.

Type 166 ‘Schwimmwagen’

It’s common knowledge that the German Army used a Beetle based light military vehicle during WWII known as the Kubelwagen, but a second car in the German army was known as the Schwimmwagen (swimming car). As you may have guessed this was an amphibious version of the Kubelwagen and with only 15,000 produced has become a highlight vehicle for many military collectors.


The SP2 was a two door sports car built for the Brazilian market. It used VWs trademark flat four engine and developed just 75bhp, earning it the nickname Sem Potência (without power) although VW claimed the SP stood for Sao Paolo. With only 11,000 cars produced and only 1 being exported to Europe the SP2 has become highly sought after by collectors.

Type 87 Kommandeurswagen

The VW Kommandeurswagen is one of the rarest Beetles out there today, only 564 cars were built between 1941 and 1944. The Kommandeurswagen was special because it was a factory built 4-wheel-drive Beetle. Using the same engine and drivetrain as the previously mentioned Schwimmwagen, the Kommandeurswagen was reserved for the German Wehrmacht.

Country Buggy

The Country Buggy was made exclusively in Australia from 1967 to 1968, it was a cheap utilitarian off road vehicle built from Type 1 and 2 parts. It was originally meant for the Australian Army, however the military needed the buggy to be four-wheel-drive and amphibious, as the Country buggy was neither the army didn’t purchase a single car.

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