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If you are FCA registered and looking for a simple and effective way of protecting your existing clients who own Classic Cars, or if you are seeking to attract additional worthwhile Classic Car business – we can certainly help you.

We administer a number of exclusive schemes designed to offer extremely competitive quotations supported with Comprehensive cover and benefits  for Classic Cars, Modern Classics, Porsche, TVR, American Cars and Custom Retro Cars.

You can gain full access to our schemes via a simple sub agency application. We are already transacting business with hundreds of brokers nationwide.

Quote details can be submitted by clicking on the Quote button. We have no minimum account requirement and business can be  transacted on a monthly accounting basis (no direct debit mandate required).

You can contact our office for an agency application. By submitting this form to ourselves you are hereby agreeing that you have read and accept ClassicLine’s Terms of Business Agreement.

For a copy of our Terms of Business Agreement or further details on the Agency process; simply contact us by phone on 01455 639 000 or e-mail