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We’re all guilty of leaving things in our car, whether it’s because we’re in a rush, distracted or just simple forgetfulness.

For most of us this might be a packet of sweets, a wallet or a hair brush. However, these pale in comparison to these weird and exotic items which have been found in cars by their new owners or by people renting vehicles.

Poor pussy cat

Incredibly the carcass of a cat was found inside the car’s engine bay by the new owner who later found out that the previous owner’s feline friend had been missing for a year.

Despite this, everything was mechanically sound with the Audi and the engine purred perfectly!

Ashes to ashes

Staying on the deceased theme but this time it’s an urn full of ashes that were found in a returned rental car.

Fortunately, it does have a happy ending (unlike poor pussy cat) as the ashes were returned to their rightful owner.

What could have been a grave situation turned out OK.

Picture perfect

Believe it or not, ultrasound pictures were actually found in the glovebox of a used car.

Let’s not labour the point but here’s hoping the proud parents-to-be weren’t so forgetful when their bundle of joy was born.

Spare parts

A prosthetic leg was found in a rental car after it had been returned.

Other ‘body parts’ found in cars include a glass eye. Also, while not technically the same, a full-size mannequin has been found in a car.


It’s always said that a dog is man’s best friend, well perhaps not always.

One canine lover left their pooch in their returned rental car. It mutt have been worse as this tail did have a happy ending.

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