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The next time you fill up your classic then the chances are you won’t be putting a slice of bacon in the fuel tank.

However, pig grease is just one alternative fuel that has made the headlines and its creators say it is environmentally conscious.

So with bacon-scented exhaust fumes wafting in the air, ClassicLine picks its other favourite alternative fuels.


A few years ago, boffins at Warwick University launched a Formula 3 car that was powered by chocolate.

Although it was no ‘Picnic’ to achieve, believe us as this is no ‘Fudge’.

Indeed, don’t ‘Wispa’ it but it really did give the car a ‘Boost’ but as far as we know it was never tested on a ‘Double Decker’.


A can that ran on tequila was thanks to Chrysler’s work which started back in the 1950s to produce a car powered by a turbine engine.

Jump forward to 1964 and a few engine variations later and the Mexican President was filling up his motor with the nation’s favourite tipple.


Martin Bacon (no relation to our bacon-powered car) is a British inventor who created a pick-up truck powered by coffee waste pellets that are heated by a charcoal fire on the back of the vehicle.

Just don’t put any milk in the tank!


Just last year, experts at the University of Bristol manged to create a fuel from beer with predictions that it could enter large-scale production within a matter of years.

It was a ‘Stella’ achievement although we’re not sure it’s ready for use yet in a Toyota ‘Corona’.

These are some of ClassicLine’s favourite alternative car fuels. What’s yours?