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2018 is a year of change for the NSRA’s drag racing division. After almost 30 years at Shakespeare County Raceway, the Nostalgia Nationals and Hot Rod Drags have a new home, Santa Pod Raceway. We of course will miss ‘Shakey’, it had a certain charm, but we are embracing the change and looking forward to a new chapter in nostalgic drag racing here in the UK.

Despite the Saturday afternoon downpour, and yes, we would have had the same weather at Shakey… there was some great track action, including a number of new personal bests! The Santa Pod track team did a fantastic job of prepping the new track and turning the cars around so quick that at times you didn’t know whether to watch the burnouts or the timing boards.

There are several trophies up for grabs throughout the weekend and we were astounded to hear that Most Friday Runs went to Scott Collin in the 1928 Model A pickup who put in a staggering 24 runs. It’s also great to see younger drivers getting involved in the action, well done to Ricky Stapleton in his 32 Roadster, and also one for the girls, Hayley Curl with the Mk 1 Consul, for both winning one of the Quick Six trophies.

A couple of cars that really stood out to us included the Pontiac Starcheif Sedan, the lovely blue 300E Thames Van and the dark blue Hudson coupe.

Comment from Alan Martin, Nostalgia Nationals organiser and NSRA Merchandise Officer

“It was a major change for us this year. After so many years at Shakespeare County Raceway, the situation and ultimately, the location was another whole new game.

Getting used to the new set up, new people, new layout, everything we had come to take for granted was suddenly turned on its head. It meant lots of sleepless nights and a phone bill that none of us want to even think about but, come hell or high water, we got there in the end.

Thanks must go first and foremost to the whole team at Santa Pod Raceway. Their support and experience really payed dividends. Thanks must also go to the whole NSRA crew for their tireless support over the whole weekend.

The bottom line though has to be our thanks to each and every person who chose to come and join us in our twenty fifth year. They are the reason we do it, without their support there would be no event. Thank you one and all, just remember it’s now only four months to get ready to celebrate the thirtieth annual Hot Rod Drags.

We’ll see you at the track.”

We would live to give a special mention to Paul Quick, who was the lucky winner of our weekend event tickets. Paul sent us these photos of him enjoying the event – thanks Paul!

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