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It can be easy to fall foul of the law if you don’t know some of the more obscure motoring rules from the UK and around the world.

So as law-abiding citizens, ClassicLine Insurance presents a few of our favourites which will leave you scratching your head!

Splish, splash

Come on, we’ve all been tempted and probably many of us have done it, but splashing a pedestrian with your car is illegal.

As far as we can tell, Japan is the only other country in the world where you could face punishment.

So, if using your vehicle to soak bystanders is your thing, then you have another 193 countries in the world to indulge your passion in freedom.

Wet and wild

Continuing on the wet theme and your car can act as a toilet if you’re caught short.

That’s because although it is illegal to urinate in public in the UK, that’s not the case if you’re touching your car by the rear wheel at the same time.

So if one hand is touching the car, the other on a private matter, then what’s left to do up the zip!

Dirty dealings

Driving in Moscow in a dirty car is a no-no.

Police officers can issue fines to motorists whose vehicle is deemed too dirty.

On the plus side, Moscow citizens also have the joy of constantly being stuck in some of the world’s worst traffic jams.

Probably best not to own a car at all.

Anyone there?

In Denmark, motorists must check that no-one is under their car before starting the engine.

The law is designed to protect anyone that may be working underneath the vehicle.

While it does sort of make sense, what are the chances of a kind-hearted mechanic lying under your car changing your oil for free as an act of kindness!

Do you know any more unusual road laws? If so, ClassicLine Insurance would love to hear from you.