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Selling a classic can be an emotional time, after all, a bond has built up between man and machine.

However, it’s time to wipe away those tears and get down to business to ensure you get the best price for your beloved motor.

A few simple tricks can work wonders.

Child’s play

Asking (or forcing) the kids to wash the car will help make it looks its best.

Rather than pay them any money for the tedious chore, pretend it’s a game.

Result – more profit for you.

Paper trail not paper trial

Having the up-to-date and correct paperwork is essential.

So rather than stuffing any MOT certificates and service logs into an overcrammed office drawer or carrier bag, take time to file them properly.

Some people even splash the cash and buy a top-notch leather folder which works as a motor file, although this costs more than the aforementioned carrier bag at 5p.

Snap happy

Time to dust off the box Brownie and photograph your classic in all its glory.

Mistakes to avoid – keeping the lens cap on, having a wheelie dust bin in the background, having a stranger in the background, having two strangers in the background…….

Don’t forget to also photograph inside the car, remembering to remove any crisp packets, chocolate wrappers and unpaid parking tickets beforehand.

Little things

Simple things like topping up the coolant, checking tyre pressure and tread, plus brake fluid levels can make a big difference.

Even better, these checks don’t cost anything or very little, meaning you can possibly afford to pay the kids to wash the car after all.

ClassicLine Insurance would love to hear your car selling tips.