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With temperatures nose diving, more-and-more classics are being tucked up for the winter ahead.

So ‘chill’ as ClassicLine gives its own inimitable take on classic car winter storage (please don’t take this literally, no seriously don’t).

Family ties

What’s the most important thing in your life? A – your partner B – your children C – your classic car.

The correct answer is all of them but !

As such, no expense should be spared in lavishing time and money on the winter storage facility for your beloved motor. If necessary, ask A and B to forgo any Christmas presents so you can spend even more money in ensuring your four-wheeled friend has a sumptuous surrounding befitting its place at the top of the family hierarchy.

Chock’s away

Instead of leaving the handbrake on for several months, which could seize up, use chocks to stop your classic from moving when in storage.

While these chocks are very practical, ClassicLine prefers the type of chocs that deliver a sugar rush. Unsurprisingly, our favourites are 80s classics that, at the time, could be bought for 20p with change to spare.

Who can forget Texans, Caramacs, Cabanas and Curly Wurly’s, some of which are still going strong today (can you guess which ones?)

Note – don’t wedge a Curly Wurly underneath a tyre, it will just leave a gooey mess and won’t stop your car from moving.

Fluid thinking

As previously mentioned, no expense should be spared pampering your classic when it is idle over the winter months, after all, it deserves a rest just like everyone else (apart from A and B mentioned previously).

This also applies to keeping it topped up with fluids. Filling up the fuel tank, carrying out an oil change and checking the coolant levels are all sensible steps.

Your hard work will pay off come Spring as you start it up for the first time, ready to enjoy the thrill of the open road and time spent away from A and B (only joking, love you really!)


These are just a few suggestions, so if you have any classic car winter storage tips then ClassicLine would love to hear from you.