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Bank Holidays are great and April and May have loads of them!

After all, what’s better than having an extra day off work and spending quality time with the family.

If only it was that simple! For many, Bank Holidays conjure up images of long motorway tailbacks, awkward visits to distant relatives, or endless queuing at tourist attractions and paying through the nose for the privilege.

Ever helpful, here’s ClassicLine’s Bank Holiday survival guide.

Highway to hell

Whoever said that two things in life are inevitable – death and taxes – is wrong. It’s actually three things, the third being stuck in a motorway traffic jam on a Bank Holiday.

As it’s totally unavoidable (there’s no point trying to avoid the queues by taking A-roads as everyone else is thinking that) you might as well accept your fate.

That being the case, make sure you have everything you need for a long journey. Plenty of water, refreshments, top tunes and good company should help relieve the pain.

Remortgage your house

Unless you’ve won the lottery then a trip to a top tourist destination is going to leave a big hole in your pocket.

The entrance fee is just the start. Once inside your credit card will be hit paying for snacks and drinks, an amazing value meal deal lunch (not), plus gifts for family and friends in the souvenir shop, photos on various rides, the list goes on…..

Our suggestion is build a theme park at home. The sofa makes a great trampoline, the banister becomes a handy rollercoaster, while a garden hose and a slide is all you need for a waterpark.

Actually, thinking what injuries you could get, DON’T build your own theme park at home and remortgage the house for a trip to the theme park instead.

Beach life

Well, at the least the beach is free.

For paying zilch you can enjoy a freezing cold dip in the sea, being laughed at while you chase an inflatable across the beach as it is blown by the wind for mile after mile or being dumped on by a seagull from a great height!

The moral of the story – you don’t get anything for nothing.

Do you have any Bank Holiday tales? ClassicLine would love to hear from you.