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If you’re going to mainland Europe in your classic car, then here’s 10 vital (and practical) things to pack before setting off down the Autoroute or Autobahn.

This does not include the plethora of documents you might need, such as V5c, driving licence, passport, etc!

  1. An up-to-date map. While sat navs are incredibly useful, having a map is a good way to double check your route.
  2. Loose change. Many European countries operate toll roads, so plenty of coins is advisable.
  3. European Health Insurance Card. This offers free or reduced-cost medical treatment in most European countries, but it is not comprehensive.
  4. A good quality travel insurance policy is essential.
  5. A spare set of car keys. A simple thing to pack, but if you’ve only one set then it is also a very annoying thing to lose (not to mention the possible cost).
  6. A blanket. Not only useful for an impromptu picnic but also handy if your car has broken down and you need to keep warm.
  7. A portable breathalyser if driving through France, as it is compulsory. There are also other must have items for driving in France, including a warning triangle, headlamp converters, fluorescent jacket and GB plate.
  8. Torch with spare batteries just in case you break down at night.
  9. A copy of important contact numbers (such as insurance help line and breakdown recovery help line).
  10. A first-aid kit is always advisable and can be compulsory

And finally, remember to pack a sense of humour. Driving in Europe can be enjoyable and stressful in equal measure.

These are our top 10 suggestions and this is by no means an exhaustive list, so be prepared for the unexpected.