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With just days to go before the World Cup kicks off in Russia, ClassicLine thought it would be a great excuse to pick some of its favourite cars from past winning countries.

While Brazil has won the tournament a staggering five times, we start our global journey much closer to home!


As we all know, 1966 is the one and only time that England has won the World Cup (but could this change in a few weeks’ time?) so it’s only fitting we pick a car from that year.

Our choice is the super stylish Triumph GT6 which was inspired by the success of the Le Mans racing Spitfires.

If England do win the World Cup in Russia then it’s only been a 52-year wait!


With four World Cup titles under its belt, Italy also gets a mention and, of course, it has to be a Ferrari.

The problem is there’s so many to choose from but for us it’s the Daytona, officially known as the 365 GTB/4.

Italy last won the World Cup in 2006 so it will only be a 12 year wait for their fans if they do win again this year!


Current champions Germany are always a force to be reckoned with and who would bet against them lifting the trophy in Moscow.

Their cars are also often world beaters and none more so than the BMW M3, introduced in 1985 and still as popular today.

It is often applauded in the motoring press as being the best car ever. Do you agree?


Just like England, France has only ever won the World Cup once and also when it was the host country.

It also has a great automotive history, so lots to choose from again. However, with nearly 4 million models produced over some 42 years’, the Citroёn 2CV is always a French favourite.

By 1981 the 2CV had a top speed of 71mph but what it lacked in pace it more than made up for in bundles of French style.


Brazil has a glorious World Cup history (forgetting the semi-final against Germany in 2014 when they were beaten 7-1 in their own backyard).

Many of its cars are also as easy on the eye as it is to watch their national team play the beautiful game.

The Santa Matilde SM 4.1 is one such example, considered by many to be the most exclusive sports car produced in Brazil.

If we’ve missed your favourite car then ClassicLine would love to hear from you?