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The autumn Sunday Scramble at Bicester Heritage has become a super-charged ‘cars and coffee’ style event. With classic, retro and modified vehicles turning up in their hundreds for a morning get together and a bacon roll!

The fresh autumn morning of Sunday 6th October 2019 saw this former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station transform into a bustling vintage village with classic cars tucked under trees and lining every inch of tarmac around the perimeter roads. It’s the lack of meaningful curation that we love about this event! Around every corner is something different. From classic Porsches and VW’s along the Western Avenue, vintage fire engines along the Southern Avenue and TVR’s and Ferrari’s outside the Exhibition Hangar.

The heritage restoration businesses around the Technical Site opened their doors to allow visitors a peek into their garages and the club stands on the airfield showcased members cars from all eras. Rows of Morgan sports cars, classic Fiat 500’s and Triumph Vitesse’s were a great sight to see. We also spotted a few retro vehicles sporting that well-known Retro Rides sticker!

Keep an eye out for the 2020 Sunday Scramble dates and make sure they are on your car show calendar!

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