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Black is back!

Well, apparently it is once again the most popular car colour in the UK making up 20 per cent of all new cars sold in 2017.

Which got us thinking, if black is the best-selling colour car and regained its crown, then what other automotive items have stood the test of time and remain consistently popular with motorists? Here’s our pick…

Car air fresheners

Let’s face it, the interior of a car can be a smelly place. Whether it’s dog odour, a forgotten half-eaten sandwich, flatulence (yes, we’re all guilty), the list goes on….

These little beauties work overtime battling these nasty pongs and it’s not just pine forest that is popular, just about any fragrance is available including vanilla, cherry and Chewits.

These really are heaven scent!

Fluffy dice

What better way to add a real touch of class to your classic than by hanging a pair of fluffy dice from the rear-view mirror.

Style, sophistication, panache and elegance, are just a few words that spring to mind, although not necessarily when thinking about car dice!

Joking aside, the first fluffy dice appeared in cars in the 1950s and their origins can be traced back to American fighter pilots in World War II who would hang the dice in their cockpits for good luck.

Beaded car seat covers

These appear to be particularly popular with taxi drivers although any motorist wishing to splash out about £10 can delight in their nubbly embrace.

They also seem to do well in hotter climes as they let air circulate between the driver/passenger and the car seat itself preventing sweaty backs and bums.

Although they had their heyday back in the 1980s the beaded car seat still provides a subtle ‘massage’ to millions of motorists around the world.

Novelty gear stick knobs

We at ClassicLine love Star Wars, so a Stormtrooper novelty gear stick knob would be top of our wish list (yes, it really does exist).

Other popular novelty knobs appear to be billiard balls, skulls and dice (which would match nicely with the hanging fluffy dice).

Do you have a favourite car accessory? ClassicLine would love to hear from you.