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If you have a Porsche and you are not afraid of putting miles on it or the occasional stone chip, we are the club for you!

Driving a classic or performance car for fun is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Exploring landscapes and picturesque villages, enjoying hearty breakfasts and scones with lashings of cream and jam with a group of friends and like-minded enthusiasts is the icing on the cake.

So, when five people who had never met before arranged a “socially distanced” chat and a drive on Dartmoor via a Porsche Facebook page in early 2021, little did they know their casual drive out would go on to form the basis of a new driving-focused car club.

Let us introduce Westcountry Porsche Drivers Club

By May 2021, two of the original group, had taken over the management of a Facebook page, changed the name and started organising regular drive outs for fellow Porsche owners in the West Country area. We caught up with Martin Josey, Club Director, to find out more.

Martin, please tell us about the club

We became a subscription club with events exclusive to members only on the 1st March 2024 with everything coordinated through our own website At the time of writing, we are up to 115 members and counting, and our membership fee is £75, per year.

We still run our Facebook page, but this has become more of an advert for the club, and a place for discussions, event photos, memes, and friendly banter. Most of our events are held in Devon and Cornwall, sometimes stretching into nearby counties. This brings on a friendly rivalry of the Jam first vs Cream first on how you should eat your scone! Although we do have a fair number of diehard members who drive hours for our events.

There are plenty of groups and clubs, but they all do shows or meet during the days or evenings, and nothing seemed to offer what we wanted. This being early morning Sunday drives finishing with breakfast, so you still had the day to yourselves. We are a drivers’ club.

Please introduce the team who run the club

As director of the club, I run, manage, and coordinate things. It does take up a fair amount of my time, but it is a passion, that I love. However, I do get some help.

During that first meet-up in early 2021, I made friends with a chap called Ian, we would talk privately and arranged a few more drives with others before the club officially formed later that year. Ian still helps out, often leading some of the groups on drives, assisting with running of the Facebook page and monthly photo competition, and generally bouncing ideas off. Ian remains an honorary member even though he is the only one without a Porsche now. He gets lots of stick for driving a Jaguar XKR… and loves to ham it up with a pipe, flat cap, and a pack of Werther’s Originals to hand!

Jackie came on board later last year to help with event coordination for some of the car shows.

Lyn came on board and built and manages the website to make sure it all works.

Our newest member of the team is Jon, who came on board in the last six weeks to also assist in leading some of the drives, particularly in the evening now, and is currently leading a group on a trip to Spa and the Nurburgring.

For those that might not know, tell us a bit about the vehicles that are covered by the club

With the exception of Ian, the only qualification is to be a Porsche owner. We don’t care how much it costs, if the engine is in the front, middle or back, or indeed battery powered. Or how many doors it has or if it’s air or water cooled.

If you have a Porsche and you are not afraid of putting miles on it or the occasional stone chip, we are the club for you!

How about you Martin, how long have you been involved?

I’ve been here since the start, and within the first 12 months took on the mantle of the club to be its driving force three and a half years ago.

I own a 2003 manual Porsche 996 (911) Turbo, affectionately called Penny. I’ve owned her since January 2021. She started life as a manager’s car for Porsche Reading so she has a lovely contrasting rare spec interior and lots of carbon fibre options. I’ve previously owned a 986 S Boxster which was my first Porsche and ignited the passion.

Do members receive any benefits or discounts for being part of the club?

Yes, since becoming a members’ club, we have discounts and benefits from the club sponsors which include Williams Crawford Independent Porsche dealer, repairs and restoration, Saltash, ClassicLine Insurance, The Professional Detailing Association, Doyan Voss Detailers Plymouth, D.A.R Detailers Liskeard, Nick Giles Independent Porsche Inspections, and The Colourworx, Newquay, bodywork repairs and paint shop. We also have discounts with the main Exeter Porsche Dealership and Design 911.

Westcountry Porsche Drivers Club members receive a 15% discount on their Porsche insurance premium with ClassicLine Insurance. Be sure to mention that you are a member of the Westcountry Porsche Drivers Club when requesting a quote.   

Please tell us about the clubs’ drives and events

Last year, and the year before, we had 19 and 17 events respectively. This year, since becoming a members’ club, we have been able to increase that with a budget and better control and will have run 21 events by the half year point in 2024.

Half of our events are early morning weekend drives, as this is the ethos the club is founded on, however this year we have also had or will have the following:

  • Evening drives
  • Detailing car care workshops
  • Track days
  • Go Kart day
  • Advanced driving techniques Zoom seminar (examiner from the Institute of Advanced Motorists)
  • Trip to Spa and Nürburgring to drive the tracks
  • A week’s trip to the Pyrenees
  • A 4-day trip around Wales
  • Porsches on the Prom at Weymouth
  • We also finish our drives often at Cars & Coffee events/shows or at places or businesses of interest/sponsors
  • Photographer photo shoots
  • Plus, our club BBQ and SIM racing

Do you plan to organise an annual club rally?

The one thing I am trying not to do with the club is become repetitive with annual events, or if we do repeat them, not necessarily the same time the following year.

However, the one tradition we have had since the start is the Christmas Jumper Drive. This is always the last event of the year in December, where everyone at the least is wearing a Christmas Jumper! But the drive and finish points do vary.

Any moments that stand out for you over the years?

We have a club rule that if it’s not raining and you have a cabriolet/Boxster the roof must be down, even in winter, so seeing everyone wrapped up can be very amusing!

There are countless times we have been sent the wrong way by Google Maps or got split up and lost. So many laughs with such a great group of people.

What do you feel most proud of?

The friendly and inclusive atmosphere created within the club. Being a driver enthusiast club, we have cars worth £3,000 and £300,000 on the same drives and meets. There is no snobbery, just genuine interest.

What three words would you use to describe the club?

Driven not Hidden, would be our official answer, it’s on our website. However I asked the members, and these are some of the excellent responses:

  • Active, friendly & drivers
  • Jam first always
  • Friends who breakfast
  • Fast and furious
  • What invoice dear
  • Driven by dreams
  • Mid life crisis
  • Organised friendly inclusive
  • Friendly inclusive hungry
  • Drive breakfast drive
  • Don’t hang around
  • Pipe, smokers and slipper (Ian)
  • Beware potholes ahead
  • Oil, rubber, leather

What’s your view on the future of the enthusiast’s car scene in the UK?

I think there will always be a place for the enthusiasts, we have members in their 20s right through to their 70s. We have a narrow field in the fact not many teens and 20-year-olds own a Porsche and want to drive it just for fun, but maybe that will change in time.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to this year?

I am leading 14 cars on a week’s trip to the Pyrenees in September/October time. Looking ahead, we plan to have at least one foreign trip per year, different location each time, perhaps the Alps in 2025.

So, these are the people behind one of our newest partner car clubs. Working hard behind the scenes to create memorable moments and driving experiences for Porsche owners in Devon, Cornwall, and the surrounding countries. Westcountry Porsche Drivers Club, thank you for being our club of the month.

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All photos kindly provided by the Westcountry Porsche Drivers Club

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