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The Ford Motor Company has come a long way since they produced the first mass production Ford Model T just over 110 years ago in 1908 – and as we write, we wonder what Henry Ford would have thought about the recently unveiled 2020 all-electric Ford Mustang Mach E?

Its British side of business began in 1909, and over the course of the next 100 years, Ford of Britain delivered to us many ‘Popular’ and affordable motor cars that would become iconic memories. Roll forward 100 years, and the many heritage Ford models are still loved today by classic car enthusiasts and hotrodders alike!

So, as we near the end of the year, lets take one last look at which Ford models have celebrated big anniversaries in 2019.

Ford Anglia E04A – 80th anniversary

The first Ford Anglia model, the E04A, was released in October 1939 as smallest model in the UK Ford range and to replace the Ford 7Y Model. Sales in Britain began in early 1940, and production ceased in 1948 after 55,807 had been built. Marketed as Britain’s lowest priced four-wheeled car, the E04A features a distinctive upright radiator and is often referred to as the sit-up-and-beg model.

Ford Anglia E494A – 70th anniversary

The Ford Anglia E494A replaced the pre-war Anglia E04A in late 1948 and became a household favourite. Resembling the 8hp Model 7Y of 1937, this Ford model featured the sloped twin lobed radiator grille that is more familiar with the Popular model. The E494A sold well with 108,000 being produced between 1948 and 1953 and when produced stopped in 1953, the Ford Popular was developed as a budget alternative which continued in the UK until 1959.

Ford Popular 100e – 60th anniversary

The Ford Popular 100e replaced the previous sit-up-and-beg models but with a with a new modern body style of monocoque construction like its bigger sister the Consul. Production began in 1959 and ran until 1962 and ran alongside the 105e Anglia. Production of the similarly style four door 107E OHV-engined Prefect also ran from 1959 until 1961.

Ford Anglia 105e – 60th anniversary

The Ford Anglia 105e is so much more than just “the Harry Potter car”! Available from 1959 to 1967, the 105e was the fourth Anglia model which was released in Standard and Deluxe variants – and to cover the four door market Ford launched the Prefect with the 105e’s engine. Its transatlantic rear fins, reverse-rake rear window and hooded headlights were certainly radical in Britain for the time. Over the course of production, the range was expanded to include Standard, Deluxe, Van and Estate and Pick Up models, the 105e even became the Police forces first Panda car and starred in hit TV series Z Cars.

Ford Capri – 50th anniversary

The origin of the Capri breed, the Capri MKI first appeared in showrooms in February 1969 and was produced until 1974 when the face lift model was introduced. The Ford Capri came to represent affordable sporting style for a generation and was billed as ‘the car you always promised yourself’. Throughout development the Capri was known as the Colt, however Mitsubishi owned the Colt name so Ford was forced to change it to Capri. The Capri was launched at the Brussels Motor Show in January 1969, although production at the Halewood plant in Liverpool had actually begun two months earlier to ensure that every UK dealer could have at least one Capri on its forecourt by the time sales started in 1970. The move would also enable Ford to leave examples of its new car parked at a number of prominent public locations.