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For many enthusiasts their garage is the perfect space to store their beloved classic.
However, given the junk that often builds up over the years it’s surprising there’s any space left even to swing a cat.

ClassicLine guarantees that you’ll have at least one or more of these objects in your garage, or we’ll eat our hat!

Old paint cans

No surprise that having a collection of old paint cans makes the top of our list as a garage without these is not really a garage at all.

Perhaps it’s the hassle of having to dispose of them at the local tip or is it because people keep hold of them in the faint hope they might be needed one day for a touch-up.

Whatever the reason, we would bet there is not a single garage in the UK without a smattering of old paint cans where the lid is impossible to remove as the paint has dried over the years.

Flower pots

The UK is a nation of garden lovers and this is proven by the millions of old flower pots that now lie abandoned in garages up and down the country.

Indeed, we love nothing better than indulging in green-fingered activity and then disposing of the flower pot without a moment’s thought.

However, the burning question is whether your garage contains more paint cans or old flower pots?

Old TV

Modern technology has resulted in amazing smart TVs which can run your life, letting you do everything from your banking to ordering a pizza.

So spare a thought for your old wide-screen (which was often as deep as it was wide and which needed a forklift to pick it up due to its weight) which now lies unloved in your garage, probably joined by the accompanying video and DVD player.

If only you could still find the remote control and spark it into life once more and relive classic bygone shows such as Baywatch, Beverley Hills 90210 and Noel’s House Party.

Jar of rusty nails and screws

These are probably so old and deteriorated that the thread on the screw has disappeared and the nail will bend with even the slightest hit of a hammer.
As they are beyond any use then why not run a competition with your family to guess the correct number of nails and screws in the jar? We’ll leave the prize up to you

Can of WD-40

At last, something which has some mechanical use!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a quick squirt of WD-40 and watch the miracles it performs as once impossible to move bolts and screws now enjoy a new lease of life.

Perhaps one day you’ll also find the lid of your WD-40 which we can guarantee is missing.

What objects do your store in your garage? ClassicLine would love to hear from you.