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Drive It Day is one of the highlights of a classic car owners’ calendar! This annual awareness day unites cherished vehicle owners from across the country and celebrates our wonderful way of life, helping to preserve British motoring heritage.
This year, with many restrictions still in place, Drive It Day on Sunday 25th April was a relatively low-key occasion. With only a handful of classic car events planned, many decided to fire up the engine and head out for a spin.
In our May 2021 newsletter, we asked to see your Drive It Day photos – and what a response we had! It is a great pleasure to be able to share some of your highlights in the selection of photos below. We always love talking to clients on the phone, or at car shows, about their vehicles, but to see you out and about, enjoying your classic cars, is what makes our job so great.

So, it’s over to you. This is Your Drive It Day 2021.