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As you may already be aware, on the 8th June, the paper counterpart adjoining the photo driving licence was abolished. Clearly this is of importance to every driver in the UK, and here at Classicline, we want to make sure our clients are prepared for the driving licence changes.

If I own a photo card licence, what do I do?

If you own a photo card licence, post 1998, then you will also own a counterpart with relevant information with regards to your driving entitlement, endorsements, etc. Instead of using your counterpart for this information, as they are no longer valid, the DVLA have now created an electronic database. Not only is this easily accessible to obtain your personal information, but also makes life easier when involving third party and approaching hire car companies. This can even be printed out for further ease. However, much like the counterpart this information will become invalid after 72 hours as it has expired its “real time” information period. It is advised by the DVLA that you destroy the counterpart as it is of no need or use to you as a driver anymore.

If I only own a paper licence, what do I do?

It is very important for us that we reassure our potential and existing clients. For pre 1998 licence holders with only paper counterpart licences- nothing will change. It will remain valid and legal until you send the paper licence back to the DVLA in trade for the more up to date photo card.

So will I never have a document of my licence?

In answer to this, you will never need one. Now it is stored electronically, there is no purpose for you to have a paper hard copy, as this will be stored on the DVLAs database. Any print outs from the DVLA website will be on “real time”, a period of 72 hours, so will eventually expire much as the counterpart has been abolished. Should you need to make any changes to your personal criteria, you will now do so by the website:

This will avoid you being charged for any extra fees for sending out up-to-date versions of your driving licence.

How do I show my information to a third party?

Understandably, the DVLA recognise that we will still need to access and present our personal information to a third party. We as an insurance broker will in instances need proof of your driving licence and evidence of any driving endorsements. This can be done online on the DVLA website above, by clicking the option: ‘share your licence information’. This will create an access code for a one-time use time period only, in order for this to be passed onto their insurer. This can then be viewed for any relevant information. Although this may seem intimidating due to it being new and a little more complicated than owning just a paper document, this will give everyone overall a much easier life- the DVLA, insurance companies, and of course, yourself. It will also manage to prevent errors in translation and postal error; as all documentation will be in one place.

How do I rent a car abroad if my ‘real time’ licence copy has expired?

Though discontinued and not even needed for proof in the UK, the counter part will still be an important factor abroad. Hiring cars on your holiday may become problematic in certain countries not as vigilant and up to speed as the UK- as they wont be familiar with the recent changes and new system. Classicline advise that those who enjoy the freedom of driving a car from hire companies whilst on their travels keep their counterpart purely for this purpose. Proof of a licence in paper form will still be something that is worldwide recognised; and something you need to present before you will be granted permission. This is especially relevant to those who only own a counterpart licence, as there is no other alternative method.


For any further information and queries, just consult the website where all important changes will be at your fingertips: