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The third weekend of NSRA Spring Rumbles took place on the 20th and 21st May, with Rumbles taking place around the country, including Worcestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Devon, Dorset, Norfolk, and Mid Wales. The Mid-Wales region is the only NSRA Spring Rumble to be a 2-day affair this year and our roving reporter joined the Mid Wales Rumble for day one of the drive out. It may have been a 620-mile round trip, but the spectacular roads and scenery were unforgettable.

Beginning the day in Oswestry, the group left the meeting point at half nine and set off in the direction of the National White Water Rafting Centre at Bala, skirting the edge of Eryri National Forest (Snowdonia). Crossing the beautiful moorlands and waking the quaint villages with the rumble of the V8 engines. From here, the Rumbler’s headed to the Coed y Brenin Forest for a lunch stop. Being in the cool forest was a welcome escape from the heat of being on the road!

Fully refreshed, the group began their final leg of the Rumble, and the most challenging yet! Driving from Corris and through the Mach Loop, the roads become narrower and steeper – in fact this is the viewpoint where you can spot the military practicing low level flying! The scenery was breathtaking. The roads are challenging yet rewarding. It must be some of the best roads we have driven in the UK.

Next weekend, our roving reporter will be joining the Surrey NSRA Spring Rumble – we’ll be sure to bring you more highlights!

The NSRA Spring Rumble will be running until the middle of June. If you are joining one of this year’s NSRA Spring Rumbles, we’d love to hear your highlights from the day.

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