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The boffins here at ClassicLine have looked at the data, crunched the numbers and discovered that classic car drivers in Dundee are the safest in the UK.

So, we can all be as good on the road as those in Scotland’s fourth largest city, we’ve put together a few pointers to keep you as safe as possible when behind the wheel of your classic.

It’s a crazy life

In a perfect world all other motorists would be as good a driver as you!

However, they are not, so best bet is to assume other motorists will do something crazy and be prepared to avoid it.

Prevention is better than cure.

Time well spent

Whether it’s a road-trip in your classic, or a mundane journey in a daily roundabout, make sure to allow time to stop for food, toilet breaks, phone calls and any other business.

After all, more haste less speed.

Also, avoid eating when driving as it is a distraction. Instead, stop by a motorway service station and revel in the delights of an amazingly good value meal deal where a sandwich, packet of crisps and a drink will cost the same as a small house in London.

Mellow yellow

Question – what do you do when you see a yellow traffic light?

Is it slow down and come to a stop or do you see it as an invitation to hit the accelerator to get through the traffic light before it turns red?

Seriously, we’re not going to tell you what the correct answer is.

Give a little respect

Music fans will know that this was a smash hit for Erasure in 1988 but more importantly recognising that all drivers should be treated with respect helps everyone.

This means no tailgating, unnecessary flashing of headlights and beeping of horns, and definitely not treating the M6 toll road as your own personal race track.

Tip top

Perhaps most importantly, make sure your classic is kept in top condition.

Vehicle maintenance can prevent accidents due to mechanical problems while also increasing the life of your vehicle.

It’s a win-win.

ClassicLine would love to hear from you if you have any safer driving tips.